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007: Alles oder Nichts - Komplettlösung (Englisch)

Table of Contents

[1] Guide Introduction
[2] Basics
[3] Characters
[4] Around the Globe
[5] Weapons
[6] Gadgets
[7] Walkthrough
[7.1] Ground Zero
[7.2] MI6 Training
[7.3] A Long Way Down
[7.4] Train Chase
[7.5] An Old Friend
[7.6] Sand Storm
[7.7] MI6 Interlude
[7.8] Serena St. Germaine
[7.9] Vertigo
[7.10] The Ruined Tower
[7.11] Death of an Agent
[7.12] A Show of Force
[7.13] MI6 Interlude
[7.14] Mardi Gras Mayhem
[7.15] The Kiss Kiss Club
[7.16] Underworld
[7.17] Death`s Door
[7.18] Battle in the Big Easy
[7.19] Faded Splendor
[7.20] The Machinery of Evil
[7.21] The Pontchartrain Bridge
[7.22] MI6 Interlude
[7.23] A Simple Exchange
[7.24] Red Line
[7.25] Ambushed
[7.26] The High Road
[7.27] Diavolo`s Plan
[7.28] The Platinum War
[7.29] Dangerous Descent
[7.30] Red Underground
[7.31] The Final Card
[7.32] Everything or Nothing
[7.33] Rewards
[8] Bond Moments
[9] Multiplayer
[10] Unlockables
[11] Questions & Answers

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Where This FAQ May be Found
[D] Other FAQs Written
[E] James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Copyright Information


| [1] Guide Introduction |

Welcome to my unofficial FAQ/strategy guide. This FAQ will help you get
through the story mode, as well as provide information on the multiplayer
portion of the game. You`ll also find a complete listing of Bond Moments, and
the unlockables you can, erm, unlock.


| [2] Basics |

Controlling the game is very simple.

When you`re controlling James Bond...

Left Stick : Move James Bond in desired direction
Right Stick : Camera adjust/look/aim
Left Trigger : Target Lock/Next Target/Bring up Sniper Scope
Right Trigger : Fire weapon
D-PAD LEFT/RIGHT : Activate Inventory/Bond Sense
D-PAD UP : Next Gadget
D-PAD DOWN : Next Weapon
D-PAD UP/DOWN : Zoom when using Sniper Scope
Y : Left punch
X : Right punch
B : Dive
A : Action
Black : Wall Cover/Turn Around (while rappeling)
White : Crouch
Start : Pause
Back : Thermovision on/off


When you`re controlling a vehicle (general controls)...

Right Trigger : Accelerate
Left Trigger : Normal brake/reverse
B : Handbrake
A : Fire weapon
X : Use gadget (acid slick, etc.)
Y : Enter or exit vehicle/action when outside
Left Stick : Steer/Control Bond (outside vehicle)
D-PAD LEFT/RIGHT : Next weapon
Black : Next weapon
Right Stick DOWN : Look back
D-PAD UP : Cycle camera
White : Toggle Map (corner, fullscreen, none)
Start : Pause

=== Helicopter Specific Controls ===

Left Stick UP/DOWN : Alter altitude

=== Motorcycle Specific Controls ===

Right Trigger + B : Burnout
Right Trigger + Left Stick DOWN : Wheelie

=== Tank Specific Controls ===

B : 180 turn
Right Stick UP : Raise/lower cannon
Right Stick LEFT/RIGHT : Rotate cannon
Right Stick PUSH : Center cannon

=== RC Specific Controls ===

X : Self destruct


| [3] Characters |

James Bond
The world`s greatest secret agent, James Bond is an excellent marksman, an
exceptional driver, and a consummate gentleman. 007 can be your greatest
ally or your most dangerous foe.
Voiced by: Pierce Brosnan (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000112/)

Nikolai Diavolo
Diavolo is more than merely a former KGB officer disillusioned by the
Westernization of his homeland. The prodigy of 007`s nemesis Max Zorin,
Diavolo was groomed to carry Zorin`s plans to their natural conclusion---
namely, world domination.
Voiced by: Willem Dafoe (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000353/)

Serena St. Germaine
This American geologist possesses both brains and beauty. Her knowledge of
the villages of South America proves to be an asset to 007, and her expert
ability as a helicopter pilot may come in handy at the opportune time.
Voiced by: Shannon Elizabeth (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002436/)

Dr. Katya Nadanova
A brilliant scientist, Nadanova has exceptional credentials for the overseer
of Oxford University`s top secret nanotech project. Her intelligence is
only matched by her beauty. After she is kidnapped Bond is assigned to
rescue her and the stolen nanotech she helped create, but Dr. Nadanova may
have some surprises in store for 007...
Voiced by: Heidi Klum (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005099/

Agent Mya Starling
An NSA agent operating undercover as a nightclub chanteuse, Starling`s home
base is in Louisiana and her mission is to investigate Diavolo`s activities
in New Orleans. Her impeccable intel, not to mention her many other
talents, are of great use to 007.
Voiced by: Mya (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0616550/)

The long standing rivalry continues between Bond and his nemesis, Jaws. A
formidable hitman, Jaws is eager to cross paths with 007 once again and
finally defeat his arch enemy.
Voiced by: Richard Kiel (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001423/)

The MI6 quartermaster, Q is in charge of creating and distributing all the
weapons, vehicles, and gadgets assigned to 007 agents. A skilled inventor
of covert equipment, Q is often irritated with 007`s lack of respect for his
Voiced by: John Cleese (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000092/)

As the head of MI6, M is responsible for all operations and agents. As
Bond`s boss, she is a consummate taskmaster who often dispenses crucial
information and advice.
Voiced by: Judi Dench (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001132/)

Ms. Nagai
Ms. Nagai`s skills with weaponry and technology make her highly qualified in
her role as Q`s assistant in the Q-Lab. Her expert knowledge of nano-
technology will be indispensable to Bond on this mission.
Voiced by: Misaki Ito (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0411725/)

Descriptions taken from manual.
Links will take you to that actor`s filmography at the Internet Movie Database.


| [4] Around the Globe |

Throughout the game, you will travel to four different locations throughout the

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing opens with a mission deep within the
Sahara Desert. After sabotaging a secret facility, Bond uses his daring to
board a train careening through the archeological wonders of the expansive
Egyptian desert.

In the town of Puerto Viejo, an American geologist`s research on platinum
reserves becomes a vital clue for Bond. After joining forces with 007, the
two infiltrate a luxurious private estate on the outskirts of the Peruvian

New Orleans
In partnership with Mya Starling, an NSA operative, Bond gets to the bottom
of his mission`s Louisiana connection. While there, he pays a visit to a
sultry nightclub and an antiquated Creole plantation.

In the Russian capital of Moscow, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
comes to its dramatic finale. Bond must act quickly to prevent Diavolo from
turning Moscow`s Red Square into the testing grounds for his new world

Descriptions taken from manual.


| [5] Weapons |

Desert Eagle
P99 (optional silencer)
SIG 552
Sleeper Dart


| [6] Gadgets |

EMP Grenade
Frag Grenade
Network Tap
Q-Spider Dart
Q-Spider Explosive
Q-Spider Nano
Rappel Gun
RC Car
Sleeper Dart
Strobe Grenade


| [7] Walkthrough |

The walkthrough is written for the middle of the road difficulty, Agent. This
mode is the normal mode. However, I`ve also listed the requirement for getting
the Platinum medal at the end of a level`s walkthrough. I chose Agent because,
as I said, it`s the middle of the road. Operative mode is the same, except
enemies are easier, the time limit is higher and ammo is more plentiful, and 00
Agent mode gives you less of a time limit, less ammo, and more challenging
enemies. The benefit to playing on 00 Agent mode, however, is that you can
unlock the Platinum Medal objective for a future play through. While the
walkthrough doesn`t specifically cover the 00 Agent difficulty, I have listed
what the Platinum Medal objective is and how to best do it.

Since this guide is written on Agent mode, there will be differences in enemy
placement. For example, in the mission "An Old Friend", one of the cars holds
two enemies who patrol on Agent mode. On 00 Agent, that car holds three.

| [7.1] Ground Zero |

Score for Gold : 75000
Bond Moments : 2
Objectives : Retrieve nuclear device
Obtain a rocket launcher
Destroy the hover jet
Escape through wall

As the game begins, you will be behind a pillar. Use wall cover, and pick off
as many enemies as you can before you leave the starting place. You should be
able to get at least five. Once the fighting dies down a little, leave the
area and head out to the main part of the courtyard. There is an armor in
front of the first crate on your left as you leave.

In the courtyard, concentrate on the nearest enemies, but be sure to kill every
single person, as it`ll make your life easier in a little bit. When everybody
is dead, head to the briefcase; it`s located on the ground in a "circle" of
steel and wood crates. Walk to it and press A to pick it up. As you pick it
up, a man comes from the door across from you, and a rocket toting henchmen
will show up above you. Forget the guy on the ground; kill the one with the
rocket, as he`s much more dangerous. Once he`s dead, rappel up the wall to get
to his position instead of taking the stairs, giving you a Bond Moment. At the
top, grab the rocket launcher and some rockets, then head through the sliding
door on your right.

As you walk down the hall, a cutscene will show a jet outside. It`ll blast the
windows. Move to the middle window, where there is no concrete, and take aim
at the jet. Three blasts from the rocket launcher will take it down. By
shooting from the middle area, you lessen the chance of one of your rockets
blowing up inside, damaging you. Once the jet is down, back up and crouch, but
don`t leave this hall. Reload your rocket launcher. Head back up, and you`ll
see two vehicles have appeared, each with a gunner who is firing at you.
Target them, and destroy them. Two rocket blasts are required for each
vehicle. When they`re both destroyed, switch to a gun and pick off all the
soldiers. When the firing dies down, head back to the mini room where the
rocket launcher was, grab the armor if needed, and rappel back down the wall.

Once on the ground, head immediately forward and to the left, and look up. You
will see two soldiers about to rappel down the wall. Kill them before they get
halfway to the ground, and you`ll get the second (and final) Bond Moment. As
you make your way to them, a large AA gun will rise up, and start firing. Just
ignore it (you will take damage, but don`t worry) and focus on those soldiers
rappeling. After getting the Bond Moment, turn around, and head to the hole in
the wall that the jet made. As you get close to the wall, the game will take
over, and the mission ends.

Platinum Objective - Receive less than 500 damage

This is fairly easy to do. Just take your time through the level, and when you
get to the end, destroy the two APCs, rappel down, and just run for the wall.
If you don`t get stuck on anything, you`ll get to the wall and take less than
100 damage in total.

| [7.2] MI6 Training |

Score for Gold : N/A
Bond Moments : N/A
Objectives : Combat: Hand-to-Hand
Gadget: Rappel
Combat: Crouching
Bond Sense: Targeting objects
Combat: Wall cover
Combat: Sniper Rifle
Gadget: Q-Spider
Exit training

This mission is very straightforward, it doesn`t need a walkthrough. Just
follow the on-screen instructions to complete the different tasks. As the name
of the mission says, it is just a training level.

| [7.3] A Long Way Down |

Score for Gold : 90000
Bond Moments : 5
Objectives : Find Doctor Nadanova
Drop explosive into vent
Rappel off building edge
Shut off flame vents

After the cutscene in which Bond plants an explosive, you`ll find yourself
hanging alongside a building. You must rappel down to the floor. As you are
working your way down the building, avoid the flames, as they will damage you.
Once you hit the ground, you`ll see a brief cutscene. Immediately head to your
left and kill the soldier before he takes cover behind the console. Continue
into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel on the right side is a switch. Use
it to cause vents in the ground to shoot off steam, stunning the soldiers who
are standing there. This will net you a Bond Moment. Kill them, then turn
around and head the way you came. Get out your rappel, and look up to the
building to the right. Rappel up and kill the soldier to your right, snatching
the Dragunov sniper rifle, as well as a Bond Moment. Rappel back down.

Head back towards the tunnel, and make your way to the pipe that`s spitting out
steam. Walk up to it and press A to drop the explosive into the opening. Now
turn around and head to the hole in the wall and jump off. As you rappel down
the side of the building, you`ll have to kill a few soldiers. Soon, you`ll be
on a small platform with some fire. Jump off the end of this platform to
continue your descent.

As you head down, a ledge below you will explode. Land on this ledge, and turn
around quickly so you don`t get attacked by the soldier. Kill him, then kill
the other soldier in the room. Head to the far right end of the room, approach
the table to your left, and press to A to tip the table over, giving you cover
from a couple of soldiers who are about to attack, as well as a Bond Moment.
Kill the two soldiers, and if you want, head to the direct opposite of the room
and pick up the AT-420 rocket launcher, then return to where you entered the
room, jump off the ledge, and keep rappeling.

At the next level, your path will be blocked off by flames. Turn to your left
and be prepared to kill the soldier who comes after you. Enter the room to
your left, and grab the armor by the left hand crates if you need it. Continue
to the right, around more crates, and you`ll wind up outside. Immediately run
to the left of the middle structure and kill the soldier before he takes cover
behind the crate. Before killing the other two soldiers, turn around back to
where you started from, and use the switch to your right to turn on the steam,
stunning them. Now go back and kill them. When they`re dead, turn to right,
facing across from where the soldiers attacked, and press A near the switch to
shut off the vent system. As soon as you do this, a couple soldiers will
rappel down and attack. Make sure to kill the one carrying the rocket launcher
first; he`ll come out of the burning room.

Once the soldiers are dead, make your way back through the burning room. You
will have to contend with some soldiers first. Activate your Bond Sense, and
target one of the panels on the ceiling. Make sure a soldier is underneath,
and fire at the panel. It will cause the roof to come crashing down on that
soldier, giving you a Bond Moment. Exit the burning room and jump off the
ledge that is now open to you. Once you reach the bottom, a cutscene takes
over, and your mission is done.

Platinum Objective - Complete mission in 3:30

This is simple. Ignore everything but the main objectives. Don`t worry about
the Bond Moments, just plow through the level. Only kill who you have to, and
don`t worry about mopping up. If you get to the flame vents in less than one
minute, you`re good to go.

| [7.4] Train Chase |

Score for Gold : 150000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Find Doctor Nadanova
Catch up to the train
Get underneath the train

You have two choices for this mission; the Porsche or the Daytona motorcycle.
Take the motorcycle if you`re going for the Platinum medal; otherwise take the

From the starting point, head straight and take the left path. A few feet and
Bond will activate a device, turning off the cloak of the Porsche. Get to the
driver`s side of the car and press Y to enter the vehicle. Once behind the
wheel, drive straight through the flames and follow the path. Smash through
the glass doors. Once outside, use your missiles on the gate that`s closing so
you can get through.

Once outside of the base, follow the road. When you get to a fork, take either
the left or right path; whatever you like. Soon you will be attacked by three
jeeps; kill them and enter the tunnel. As you come to the exit, drive to the
left, up the ramp in the mountain, and follow the path. You will soon land on
concrete, and two motorcycles will attack you. Dispose of them and continue
following the dirt path. Eventually you will come to a bridge, and before you
get to it, you`ll see a helicopter ascend. Shoot the chopper with two missiles
before jumping the bridge, and you`ll be awarded your first Bond Moment.

Once back on the ground, keep driving, and you`ll enter a temple area. As you
make your way inside, you`ll see pillars to the left of the road collapsing.
Take this path, and use the ramp to jump over the fallen pillar. If your
landing is good (meaning you don`t start bouncing around), you`ll get your
second Bond Moment. Keep going through the temple until you emerge, where you
will see the train speeding along on the right of the screen. Stick close to
the train. Try to avoid the train`s missiles as best you can, and make sure
you avoid the craters they leave, as they`ll cause your car to bounce around.
Eventually you`ll see a ramp that will let you jump from the desert floor to
the tracks. Take this ramp, and you`ll be awarded with the third and final
Bond Moment. Keep following the train, shooting at the soldiers and turrets on
the back of it. Eventually, the ground in between the tracks will give way,
allowing you enough room to get under the train. Keep going, and once you`ve
got underneath, a cutscene will take over, ending the mission. Try not to lose
too much health, because whatever you have at the end of this mission is what
you`ll start the next mission with.

If you miss the ramp, then keep the following the path to the left and it`ll
eventually put you on the tracks. You`ll have to contend with more missiles
and craters, though, so try to get the ramp.

If you choose to use the motorcycle, the beginning is a little different, but
you`ll wind up on the road where you shoot the helicopter. After hopping on
the bike, follow the catwalk until you come to a ramp. If you have enough
speed to hit the roof, you`ll fall through a pane of glass onto the catwalk,
otherwise you`ll jump through a window and land on the catwalk immediately.
Drive through the fire, through the doors, and out the glass window and you`ll
land on the road. Follow the path upwards, and you`ll find yourself on the
tracks, following the train. Some rockets from the train will destroy the
tracks behind it, causing you to drop to the dirt below. Keep following the
path, and you`ll end up at the spot where the two motorcycles start chasing
you. Now just continue as if you were driving the Porsche.

Platinum Objective - Complete mission in 3:00

Again, fairly easy. Use the motorcycle, and just plow your way through the
level. Forget the Bond Moments. When it comes time to get to the train, use
the ramp (the Bond Moment ramp), as it`ll save you a ton of time.

| [7.5] An Old Friend |

Score for Gold : 125000
Bond Moments : 4
Objectives : Find Doctor Nadanova
Destroy 6 missile launch computers
Defeat Jaws

As the mission begins, watch the soldier on the right who is walking back and
forth. When he gets close to you, wait for him to turn around, and as soon as
he does, head to the closest soldier on your left by crouching and getting
close, then pressing X or Y to kill him silently. When he`s down, walk toward
the next soldier, and do the same thing. If you did it right, the patrolling
soldier should be almost at the end of the cab, so pull out your Desert Eagle
and shoot him twice. Destroy all the six computer screens in here to complete
your objective, and make your way to the next car. If you killed all three
soldiers without being seen, you`ll be awarded the first Bond Moment when you
get to the next car.

In the second car, you`ll see two soldiers; one ahead of you patrolling and
walking to the left, and one stationary to your right. Crouch and sneak up
behind the one on the right, and silently kill him. Grab the armor if needbe,
and pick up the wrench. Keeping crouched, walk to the left of the missile, as
if you were following the soldier. When he stops to turn, throw the wrench at
him, knocking him out. If you got rid of them both without being seen, then
you`ll receive your second Bond Moment as you enter the third car.

In the third car, you`ll be behind a stack of crates, and a soldier will be
walking to the left. Quickly run up behind him (while remaining crouched) and
silently kill him. Make your way around the crates until you can see a second
soldier through a gap in the crates. Wait until he starts walking toward you,
then head down, sticking to the crates. When he turns his back to head the
other way, sneak up and kill him. If you kill the two of them without being
seen, you`ll earn the third Bond Moment as you enter the fourth car.

In the fourth car, there will be a soldier walking away from you on the left
path. Sneak up and kill him silently before he gets past the crate. Once he`s
down, sneak up on the soldier using the terminal and silently kill him. If you
killed the two of them without being detected, you`ll be awarded the fourth and
final Bond Moment when you enter the fifth car.

In the fifth car, the lights are out, so activate your thermovision by
pressing BACK. They know you`re here, so you don`t have to worry about being
stealthy anymore. Kill the soldier who shows up almost immediately with the
Desert Eagle, as it can usually kill with one shot. There are three soldiers
spread throughout the room. Once they are dead, get the armor that is hidden
in front of the crate where the first soldier popped out from, then head into
the doors to get to the sixth and final car.

You saw your old arch nemesis, Jaws. He tosses you aside like you were made of
paper, then he`ll pull apart two columns. From your starting point, hide
behind one of the columns so that you can avoid the columns that Jaws throws at
you. Once he`s thrown both of them, run toward him. To kill him, you must
line him up so that he`ll fall back into one of the pillars of electricity
after you do a one-two-three hit combo. Do this two times, and Jaws will be
finished and your mission will be over. Don`t bother with any weapons, because
they have no effect. If you manage to let Jaws rush you and get to the other
side of the room, he`ll destroy those columns (the ones you hid behind) in an
attempt to kill you. Since you can`t hide behind anything, watch for when he
throws them, and as soon as it leaves his hands, roll to the side.

Platinum Objective - Receive no damage

After dispatching the three soldiers in the first car crouch and make your way
into the second car. There will be a far away guard patrolling to the left, a
guard walking away from you in the middle, and a stationary guard to your
right. Immediately after entering the room move to the right hugging the wall
and wait behind the stationary guard until the middle guard walks to the right
behind a wall. Go up an stealth kill the stationary guard. At this point the
middle guard will be "alerted" and will go see what`s going on. The far away
guard isn`t a problem yet since he doesn`t know what`s happening yet. So,
immediately after stealth killing the stationary guard crouch to the left of
the desk type structure he was standing in front of. The middle guard will run
around the right side and check on the dead soldier. You have to be quick to
walk around the desk structure and stealth kill him, otherwise he`ll find you.
Now the far away guard is "alerted" and will investigate what`s going on. You
have two choices: shoot him dead, or wait for him to come to investigate the
bodies and dispatch him the same way you took care of the middle guard.

** Platinum strategy sent in by MrSelfDestruct.


Alternate platinum objective.
(note that the person submitting this was playing the GameCube version, and as
such, he has listed the GameCube controls)

First of all I recommend using themovision the entire time.

You start out crouching behind a crate, just wait here until the soldier on the
right turns away from you. Walk crouching up behind the guard on the left and
silently kill him. Then do the same to the stationary guard in the middle.
Then continue to crouch-walk toward the third soldier, who should still be
walking away from you. Just as he turns around you can stand up and run to him
and press X and Y, and he`ll die immediately. This will keep backup guards
from running in. Destroy all the necessary omputers in the room.

You should have 9 Desert Eagle shots. Switch to this gun, and in the next room
run in at an angle to the right. There are 3 guards in this room. Immediately
shoot the guard to the right and crouch behind his cubicle. Then take out the
other two guards quickly, before the realize what`s happening. I could do this
successfully 90% of the time.

In the next room remain holding the Desert Eagle, and crouch. As you enter the
door a guard will be patrolling the room, walking away from you. Walk up
behind him and choke him silently. Then run around to the right, and hug the
line of boxes that will now be on your left. You should see another guard
patrolling coming towards you, just lean around the corner and shoot him, it
should only take one shot. Again, this will keep 3 backup guards from coming
into the room, and will earn you another Bond moment.

Switch to your SIG-552 (you should have a bunch of this ammo by now). The next
room just come in shooting. There`s a long piece of machinery down the center
of the room, and as you enter there will be a single guard in to the left near
you. Run in and kill him quickly, then follow his path and you`ll see two more
guards. They won`t have time to react if you just run towards them shooting.
I never took any damage in this room. If you don`t kill them quickly enough,
they`ll call in a fourth guard, so just run and gun.

The next room has the most enemies and is therefore the hardest. When you
enter there is a guard to the right of center. Kill him quickly and
immediately hide behind the rightmost giant canister right in front of you.
You will now have to take out all the guards in the room from this position.
Just be careful that you never try to shoot while you`re being shot at. This
will get you hit, and you`ll lose the platinum. Just wait for them to run to
the center of the screen, either charging at you or gathering ammo, and you`ll
be able to take them out no sweat.

To avoid damage defeating Jaws is relatively easy. He immediately goes for a
pillar and yanks it up. Hide behind the closest pillar, and as soon as he
throws it and hits the pillar you`re behind, run around it, and use an X X Y
combination to knock him backwards into the electricity, as many times as you
need to until he`s under it. Once he hits the beam you need to dive off the
metal platform around him, or you`ll get shocked too. Then just repeat this
two more times and he`s done, quickly and easily. Watch out for when he
charges, just dive around him. Turns out, I think, that you can take damage
fighing Jaws and still get the platinum, but just in case, you might as well
try it.

** Alternate Platinum strategy sent in by S. Murphy.

| [7.6] Sand Storm |

Score for Gold : 160000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Catch up to General`s helicopter
Eliminate the General
Destroy General`s secret base

You`ll be flying a helicopter for the duration of this mission. As soon as you
are in control, follow the canyon. You`ll soon come to a boat; use either your
bombs or missiles to destroy it. Continue through the canyon, and you`ll see
an enemy chopper. Destroy it, and press X to deploy flares, as you`ll have
missiles coming at you from several directions. Keep flying the canyon, and
you will come to a bridge near a waterfall. Get close enough to target the two
vehicles on the bridge, and launch missiles at them. This will destroy the
vehicles and the bridge, giving you a Bond Moment.

At the end of the small rockface, when you come back to water, you`ll see a
boat; destroy it, with bombs or missiles. Fly through the little arch, and be
careful of the falling pillars in the next section; make sure you aren`t hurt
by any of the debris. Fly deeper down into the canyon, and you`ll see another
boat. Destroy it, and you`ll receive the second Bond Moment (if you destroyed
the other two boats, that is). Keep flying through the canyon, taking it slow
so you don`t hit any rocks, making sure you take out all the choppers attacking

Eventually, you`ll catch up to the General, and he`ll lead you through more
ruins. He`ll be firing missiles at you the whole time, so use a combination of
strafing and flares to avoid them. Don`t bother firing at him, because you
won`t damage him. He`ll lead you through a room that has fire shooting from
the walls, so do your best to avoid them. At the end of that room, the General
will blast a hole in the wall, and fly through, so follow him. If you manage
to get through that room without being burned by the fire, you`ll get the third
and final Bond Moment. He`ll eventually blow another hole in the wall which
will take the two of you outside.

Once outside, the general will land the helicopter on his secret base which has
just emerged from the water. To get to the General, you have to destroy the
base by attacking the shield systems; they are the things that are supplying
power to the shields. It will take three or four missiles to destroy one of
them. Once all three are gone, the General is vulnerable, so just target his
chopper and fire away. It`ll take another three or four shots to kill the
General for good. Once he`s gone, you`ll drop the Doctor off (not before a
kiss, of course), and your mission will be complete.

Platinum Objective - Destroy secret base in 0:45

Another easy one. Just target the three shield generators and open fire on
them. Don`t worry about flares or strafing; just kill the generators. You can
probably do this before the timer reaches twenty seconds.

| [7.7] MI6 Interlude |

Score for Gold : N/A
Bond Moments : N/A
Objectives : N/A

This is nothing but a cinematic interlude in which Q introduces you to some new
gadgets, as well as his assistant, Ms. Nagai, whom he`ll try to keep away from
Bond at all costs. What with Bond being the womanizer and all.

| [7.8] Serena St. Germaine |

Score for Gold : 150000
Bond Moments : 2
Objectives : Intercept patrol jeep before it reaches the village
Locate and enter 003`s hideout
Get to Hotel Americano
Avoid enemy patrols
Reach the base of mountain fortress

As the mission begins, you`ll be driving after the jeep. Hold down the Right
Trigger so you don`t lose any speed when the game puts you in control. Use
missiles to destroy the jeep. This part of the mission is relatively easy, and
you`ll have to screw up severely to let the jeep get away. Once the jeep has
been dealt with, head toward the flashing blue icon. It`s a simple route, and
you don`t have to worry about any enemies or obstacles. Once you reach the
target, you`ll see a metal bridge lower. Drive onto the bridge. Before
parking the car in the blue circle, do a 180 turn and back into the circle.
This way, when you leave, you`ll be able to get going right away without having
to turn around, saving you a few seconds, since the next part is timed. Once
the car is parked, get out and enter the house to receive a phone call.

After the conversation, you`ll be outside. Run to the Cayenne, and get in.
Head over the ramp and drive to the left. Soon, a cutscene from M will take
over, advising you not to engage enemy patrols, so turn around and bring up the
map to fullscreen so you see where to go. We`re going to take the long way
around. Using your map, make your way to the flashing blue icon. When you see
an orange icon appear on the map, activate the Porsche`s cloak by pressing X.
This will let you drive by them unnoticed. Be careful how you use it though,
because the battery supply is limited.

When you get near the hill leading to the blue icon, you`ll see it`s blocked
off by two jeeps, so keep driving straight (cloak still on), and turn right.
Follow the road, and you`ll come to a building with a red and orange sign; this
is the fireworks factory. Look closely across the street, and you`ll see a
blue circle; park in it and press Y to activate a RC car. With the RC car,
head across to the fireworks factory, and go up the ramp. At the top, turn
right, and follow the wall until you come to a vent-sized hole. The RC will
automatically target it, so use the laser (by pressing A) to destroy the grate,
granting you entry. Once inside, use the laser on the fireworks box that is
already targeted to create an explosion. This causes a distraction, luring
those two jeeps away from the hill. This also nets you the first Bond Moment.

After the cutscene, turn on your cloak and head back toward the flashing blue
icon, which is now open. Before you start climbing the winding hill, you can
deactivate the cloak, as it`s clear for a little bit, giving your battery time
to recharge. When you reach the top of the hill, turn the cloaking back on and
continue towards the blue icon. If you are caught by a patrol, DO NOT ATTACK
THEM, as this will result in mission failure. Just outdrive them, and when
they`re not on you, activate the cloak again. This will lose them. Whatever
happens, pull into the blue parking spot to trigger a cutscene.

With Serena as your passenger, she`ll tell you the directions to the fortress.
If she says `go right`, you go right. You don`t have to worry about cloaking
anymore, so kill any enemies who get in your way. It`s quite simple to get to
the fortress, so use the map in combination with Serena`s directions to get to

Eventually, you`ll come to a spot where two enemies are blocking your path.
Instead of driving through them, use the path to the left of them by jumping
off the to the sidewalk area below, resulting in the final Bond Moment. Keep
going until you come to an area where a tank fires at you, causing a bunch of
rubble to collapse and block your path. No worries. Just drive to the left
and jump off the road to the cliff area below. Follow the cliff, and be sure
you hit the ramp with the right speed so you can jump over to the next cliff.
Keep driving upwards until you emerge back on the dirt path, far behind the
tank. When you see the fortress up ahead, veer left and drive through the
yellow barricades into the blue parking circle. A cutscene will take over, and
your mission is a success.

Platinum Objective - Get to fortress in less than 1:50

Fairly easy. Keep the cloaking on as much as possible so the jeeps don`t slow
you down. When you get to the fortress, and have to take the cliff path,
don`t bother. Either plow through the two jeeps, or try to squeeze to the
right of them, because climbing the second cliff area takes too long.

| [7.9] Vertigo |

Score for Gold : 150000
Bond Moments : 4
Objectives : Get to top of cliff
Retrieve Agent 003`s uplink device
Install the uplink device on a junction box
Destroy the signal jamming radar

As you ascend the elevator, press X to holster your gun. At the top, crouch
and enter the dark shaft on your right. At the opposite end, you`ll see a
guard. Wait for him to start walking to your left, then sneak up and silently
kill him. Grab his weapon, turn around, and hurry to the mine cart on your
left. A soldier should start walking to your right just as you hide. As soon
as he gets by you, sneak up and kill him; don`t let him alert anybody or see
you, because your Bond Moment depends on it.

Continue around and wait by the wall. Look beyond it, and you`ll see a guard
walking toward you. Wait until he stops and turns around, then sneak up and
kill him. When he`s dead, run to the mine cart on your left, and wait until
you spot the guard at the turn. When he turns around, sneak up and kill him.
If you managed to kill the four of them silently without being detected, you`ll
get the first Bond Moment. In the room that the soldier was guarding, select
your rappel gun and look up, target the ledge, and walk up the wall. As soon
as you are on solid ground, kill the guard across from you looking out the
window, then train your gun to the right so you can kill the three who will
come at you. Head down the way the soldiers came from, and walk into the
elevator that`s on your right. Go to the switch to get a message from M, and a
new objective. Keep heading down and rappel up this new wall.

At the top, you`ll see some dust fill. Get ready to kill a soldier who`s about
to rappel down. If you need it, there is armor at the dead end to the right of
the guard. Otherwise, rappel up the wall where the soldier came from. At the
top, turn to your right, crouch and hide behind the first mine cart. The
soldier at the far end has a rocket launcher and will shoot you. After he
fires, make your way to the mine cart on the left and press A to send it down
the tracks. Now kill the soldier with the rocket before he kills you. The
cart has cleared you a path, so walk down and enter the alcove to your left.
Head down, and a soldier will come rolling from the left. Kill him, and rappel
down the wall directly in front of you.

The room is dark, so turn on your thermovision. We`re down here to get the
rocket launcher. You can really only go one way, so follow the tracks around
until you come to two soldiers; kill them both. Where they were standing is a
some armor, and a rocket launcher. Take the AT-420, and you`ve got the second
Bond Moment. Turn around and head back to the beginning. There`ll be a couple
new guards, so watch for them, then rappel up the wall. At the top, turn right
and go to the next room. A soldier will rappel down; kill him. Now, before
heading up the wall, pull out a Q-Spider and send it underneath the wooden slat
into the next room. At the end of the next room, go through the small opening
to the left, and make your way to the top of the room by following the planks.
Try not to fall off, as it`ll result in an explosion and the loss of your
spider. At the top, go through the hole and you`ll be in a vent. Follow it
and you`ll wind up in a room under a grate. To your immediate left is another
vent; go through it to end up in the server room. Grab the armor and the
battery, then go through the door. Let the guards kill you, because you`ve
opened the door, and that`s all you needed to do.

As Bond again, you can now rappel up. At the top, wall cover directly to your
left, and look out over at the radar tower. Select the rocket launcher, enter
Bond Sense, and target the explosive barrels near the radar tower, just under-
neath. This will give you the third Bond Moment, and bring down the radar dish
with a tremendous explosion. Head down the path, on the lookout for any people
who think they can actually kill you. Enter the first room on your left, and
head toward the red switch. Activate it to get a message. Turn around and go
through the door to the left, the one you opened with the Spider. Collect the
goodies, head back out, and turn right, continuing down the path.

At the end, rappel up the wall and kill the soldier there. After he dies, two
more soldiers should come. If they don`t, then be prepared for them when you
round the corner. Grab the armor if you need it, and follow the tracks to
another wall. Rappel up, and get ready for a fight. There are three soldiers
who will fire at you before you even have a chance to get your gun out. Dive,
strafe, and do whatever to kill them. When they`re all dead, collect the
uplink device and rappel back down. Collect the armor first, if needbe.

At the bottom, a new soldier will run at you. Kill him, and look for the two
who have rappeled just outside. Run off the wall, and return to the room where
you used the Spider. Go to that red switch, and use it again; you`ll install
the uplink. On your way back, you will encounter some new soldiers, so be
ready for them.

With the device installed, we now have to head back to the beginning of the
level, where that yellow elevator was, so just backtrack all the way there. Of
course, it`s never easy, and you`ll have to contend with a whole host of new
soldiers who want nothing more than to kill you. You have two choices; run and
gun, or take your time. The latter won`t work if you`re going for the Platinum
but just make your way to the elevator. When you do get to the elevator, don`t
worry about killing the guards that are hanging around it; just break for the
elevator and ride it up. Mission over.

Platinum Objective - Complete mission in 4:00

This is quite hard. Don`t worry about Bond Moments or taking damage, since
there is plenty of armor in this level. Always be running (never crouch), and
kill only who is threatening you. I managed to beat the level with just under
one minute remaining on my fifth try.

| [7.10] The Ruined Tower |

Score for Gold : 175000
Bond Moments : 4
Objectives : Find 003
Infiltrate ruin

As the level begins, you`ll be crouched behind the elevator. Pull out your
Sleeper Dart gun, and take out the soldier walking toward you. The gate at the
back should be opening, so wait for the second soldier to walk in, then take
him down with the sleeper dart as well. If you killed them both silently, you
will get the first Bond Moment. Before heading outside, collect the SIG 552
from the caged area to the left. There is armor beside the crate opposite the
large gate if you need it. Head outside, and run to the demolished structure
in front of you. A soldier will approach from the right, so take him down with
the Sleeper. You`ll see another soldier approaching from the far end, to the
left of the ruin. Wait until he gets in range, and pop him with the Sleeper.
Killing these two guards results in the second Bond Moment. Head toward the
area where the second guard was, and look up. At the top, you`ll see a ledge
with some overgrowth; rappel up here, and enter the small room on the right.
There is a Dragunov rifle here, and you got a Bond Moment for rappeling up.
Leave the small room, but remain crouched. Bring up the rifle, and, using the
scope, take out all the enemies you can, especially the rocket launcher soldier
who`s almost directly across from you in an alcove. It`s okay to empty the
rifle`s clip entirely.

After you`ve expended the bullets, rappel back down, and follow the ruins over
to the right, taking out any remaining soldiers. Make your way to the wooden
elevator. If you get lost, keep following the mine cart track. When you get
to the elevator, look up and rappel to the top.

At the top, crouch down and head to the left. Look to your right, and you`ll
see a slight ramp. Looks big enough for a spider, right? Bring one, and send
it in, controlling it and making sure it doesn`t follow. Once you cross the
"bridge", you`ll get another Bond Moment. If you need armor, have the spider
head to the left. If not, send it to the right. If you see your health start
to dwindle, immediately exit the spider, as Bond has come under attack. If you
are fine, then keep going, and drop the spider off the cliff just past the hole
to kill some guards.

As Bond again, head down the stairs, walk straight, and kill the guy who
rappels down. Turn to the left, and make your way across, slowly. Mop up the
mess that the spider missed. There are three soldiers here, one will come
after you`ve killed the guy at the end hiding behind the rocks. If you need
it, there is armor behind one of the ruins. Once the soldiers are dead, head
out and make your way to the left. Go down the steps and head to the right
where you will see a crate. Hit the button to send the crate crashing down
below, then jump down into the mine. At the bottom, you`ll see a button; push
it, and the mine cart will start rolling. Follow the cart back to where that
wooden elevator was. There will be four or five guards blocking your path, all
equipped with automatic weapons, so be ready. When you get to the elevator,
look down the tracks, and you`ll see that the cart has tipped over, revealing
some dynamite. Target the explosives, shoot them, and the large metal door
will be blown apart. Walk toward that door, and mission success.

Platinum Objective - Shoot 10 rounds or less

This is damn hard. Technically, you only get nine shots, since you need one to
blow up the dynamite at the end, so you`ll have to rely on the Q-Spider, your
Sleeper Darts, and wrenches (which are found throughout the level). With the
Dragunov, just kill the guy who is firing rockets at you; that`s one shot.
Rappel back down, and grab the wrench from the room you started in. You now
have three ways of dealing with enemies as you attempt to complete the mission;
you can use hand-to-hand combat, use the wrench to hit them, or throw the
wrench at them. If you throw the wrench, you can pick it up and use it again,
so don`t worry about losing it. Follow the walkthrough above so you know the
location of the enemies. It took me several tries to do this (something like
ten repeats), but I eventually managed to do it, and I had two shots left to

| [7.11] Death of an Agent |

Score for Gold : 200000
Bond Moments : 6
Objectives : Reach 003 before he dies
Find another way off the cliff
Locate exit to catacombs
Catch Serena

As the mission begins, deploy a Q-Spider. Send it in the direction Bond is
facing, and you`ll see a vent on the left side of the wall. Go through it and
you`ll be in a room with a box. Turn around and go through the next vent, even
higher, until you wind up above the soldiers. Walk across the plank, and drop
off the ledge, killing the three soldiers below for a Bond Moment. As Bond,
head down, collect the soldiers weapons, and head to 003, killing one more
enemy. He dies, and now you have to find your way off the cliff. From the
direction Bond faces after the cutscene, go to the left, and through the
doorway. Kill the single guard, then keep walking. Go down the stairs, and
once at the bottom, go into the small room. Look to your right, and you`ll see
a hole in the wall, where several guards will come from. Stand in front of the
hole, and target and shoot as soon as they appear. When they seem to stop
coming, head up onto the wooden platform, go around the hole in the wall, and
drop down. Ignore the first hole; keep going forward into a dead end room.
Kill the single guard, and grab the armor if you need it. Now return to the
first hole, and jump down to the lower level.

At the bottom, activate your thermovision. Take your time navigating, and use
wall cover whenever possible. Turn right, and hug the wall. Kill the soldier
who comes running at you, then run down the hall and crouch behind the crate.
Make sure no one is coming, then run to the end, ignoring the small alcove on
your left. Wall hug, check the hall, then run down it. Crouch behind the
crate, and get ready to take out a soldier who runs by and hides behind the
right wall. When he`s dead, run toward his position. Go into the room
directly to the right of where he was and take the rocket launcher, earning
another Bond Moment. Leave that small alcove, head right, kill the guard, and
make your way through the narrow opening. Running down the hall, you will pass
an alcove to your left that has armor. Grab it if needbe, otherwise remember
it`s position and keep running. A soldier will run at you from the right when
you get further down. At the end, a soldier will attack. Kill him, and make
your way into the room, where three more soldiers will come at you. When they
are all dead, go through the first opening on the right, which is lined with
something hot, as you can tell by your thermovision. Go up the stairs, killing
the three guards near the top. When you get to the top, deactivate the thermo.

You`ve exited the catacombs. Wall hug the wall to your left, and peer down the
tracks. Make sure no one is there, then head out. Crouch wall, hiding behind
each mine cart, until you get far enough you hear voices. Soldiers will be
coming at you from the front and to your right. When they get on the tracks,
use your Bond Sense to target the propane tank, and shoot it as they get close.
If you take out at least one soldier with the tank, you`ll get a Bond Moment.
When all the guards are dead, turn around and run back to where you came from.
Activate the lever that is to the right of the stairs from the catacombs, which
will open a secret passage, as well as release some soldiers. Wall hug, and
let most of them come to you. When they seem to stop, run out and kill the
remaining ones, then head into the secret passage you opened. Once you get in
it, that part of the mission ends.

When the next area loads, walk forward and leave the mine, following the tracks
to the end of the cliff, where a cutscene will take over. As soon as it`s
finished, jump off. You must catch Serena, while avoiding (or killing) enemies
who are shooting at you. You must also avoid objects, because hitting anything
will kill you, regardless of health level. As you`re falling, use your Bond
Sense to spot a TNT box. Blow it up and get a Bond Moment. Close to the end,
you`ll see a wooden platform which is awfully close to the rocks. If you can
squeeze through there, you`ll get a Bond Moment. At the very end, get over to
the right side, otherwise you`ll miss catching Serena and fail. If you are on
the right side, you`ll catch her automatically, completing the mission.

Platinum Objective - Receive 100 damage or less

Exact same strategy, just be careful of how fast you run into fire fights.

| [7.12] A Show of Force |

Score for Gold : 200000
Bond Moments : 5
Objectives : Get Serena safely to 003`s hideout
Get to extraction point
Drive into Q-Plane

As the mission begins, Serena will be driving the tank with you controlling the
turret. Immediately aim to your left and destroy the solitary jeep for a Bond
Moment. Once you leave the base, a jeep will come from the road; destroy it.
Serena will take a shortcut. Back on the road, a helicopter will appear to the
right of you; destroy it. The gun works best, since it auto-targets, and the
cannon is too inaccurate for a chopper. Remember the debris that forced you
off the road earlier? Serena heads to that and drives up the stairs. Take out
the soldiers to the left and right of the tank. As you reach the middle, you
will spot a jeep come from the left; destroy it with the cannon when your aim
is good. Serena will head up the stairs. Train the gun to the right, then
enter manual aim and shoot the explosive barrels at the right corner, killing
the soldiers and netting a Bond Moment. Serena will make her way through the
small avenues and wind up on the main road, where a jeep will be. Destroy it.
Halfway down the road, press B to spin around, and destroy the jeep coming up
behind you. Spin back to the front, and switch to the cannon. Serena enters
the main courtyard area, with a tank opposite you. She`ll drive in circles
until you destroy the tank, and you better do it fast, because it can damage
you quickly. Once the tank is destroyed, fire at the jeep that appears until
it`s no more. When Serena starts heading out, she`ll stop. Look up at the two
rocket soldiers firing at you. Using the cannon, aim at the middle of the arch
and bring it down, causing their death. She`ll start driving again, and will
head up the hill you used to get to the hotel. As she drives, spin around and
attack the chopper that`s come up behind you. If you don`t destroy it, don`t
worry; it`ll back off after one more pass. Besides, you have to concentrate on
the jeep that`s appeared. Once it`s destroyed, you`ll be driving up to a tank.
Shoot it with the cannon. You`ll go down one more street until you end up at a
gas station, where a small cutscene will show you being surrounded. Using the
cannon, aim at one of the red gas pumps and shoot, causing one hell of an
explosion, while also giving you a Bond Moment. After a few more feet, a
cutscene will take over, again. You are now on your own.

As soon as the cutscene ends, run to the bike and hop on, as you only have one
minute and ten seconds. Pull up the fullscreen map and make your way to the
airfield. Be sure to kill everything that threatens you. Glancing at the map,
take the shortcut that appears just before the road becomes curvy, and you`ll
get a Bond Moment. Following the road, you`ll eventually come to the airport.
Use the ramp that`s conveniently located on the back of the truck to hop onto
the airfield, and drive towards the plane. Kill any enemies, and keep driving
until the cargo bay opens up. When you get close enough, the game will take
over, and you`ll have another successful mission under your belt.

Platinum Objective - Get to plane in less than 45 seconds

This is simple. When you get on the motorcycle, take the shortcut. Don`t
bother attacking anyone, and don`t slow down unless you`re going to crash. In
other words, keep your finger on the accelerator. When you get to the airport,
don`t use the ramp, as it puts you a little behind the entrance. Waste the
enemies chasing the plane, then just keep driving.

| [7.13] MI6 Interlude |

Score for Gold : N/A
Bond Moments : N/A
Objectives : N/A

Just like the previous interlude mission, this is just Q describing some new
gadgets to you, especially a new vehicle, the traditional James Bond car, the
Aston Martin Vanquish.

| [7.14] Mardi Gras Mayhem |

Score for Gold : 200000
Bond Moments : 4
Objectives : Rendezvous with NSA agent
Steel transport truck
Infiltrate compound
Place the tracking device on the truck
Stop the henchman
Get to the club

Getting to the park is as easy as booting up the Xbox; just follow the map and
avoid any cars so you don`t take damage. When you get to the park, pull into
the parking circle and press Y to get out. After the cutscene, immediately
reverse to the left, and spin around in a 180 to face the exit. You have 1:55
to get to your destination. Leave the park and head right. Keep following the
road, and you will soon see a flashing row of arrows pointing to the left.
Ignore it, and go to the right. Look for the alley heading up, and take it.
You`ll jump across a gap through a skeleton, netting the first Bond Moment.
Continue heading to the circle.

When you arrive, park in the blue light, facing the transport truck, and press
Y. You are still timed. Once outside, head to the back left side of the truck
and press the button to open the rear door, then return to your Vanquish, get
in, and drive into the back. You are now in control of the transport truck,
and you`ve got your second Bond Moment.

Your path is clear, so just drive the truck towards the blue circle. When you
approach the factory, you`ll see a quick cutscene, then you`ll be just outside
the warehouse. With the cutscene over, drive into the warehouse and park in
the blue circle. Get out. Press the button to open the bay door, and the
Vanquish will come out. Walk over to the truck on your right, and once in the
blue circle, press Y to plant the device behind the rear wheel. A cutscene
will take over. Once it`s finished, you`ll have three minutes to stop the bad
guy, so run to the driver`s side of the Vanquish and get in. Reverse to the
left, and head out the doorway you went through in the cutscene.

When you get to the warehouse exit, drive up through the concrete pipe. If you
have enough speed and manage to crash into the opposite building, you`ll get
the third Bond Moment. Drive through the glass to your left to get back on the
street. Follow the road to the limo. Don`t bother with the electromagnetic
pulse; just outdrive him, get in front, and activate the acid slick; not only
will you destroy the car much faster, but you`ll get the final Bond Moment in
the process. Once it`s destroyed, Bond will interrogate the driver, and you`ll
find out where to go. You now have 1:27 to get to the Kiss Kiss Club. It`s a
fairly straight drive, and there are no enemies to stop you, so just head to
the circle, and barring any collisions, you should get there before the clock
reads :50. When you pull into the parking circle, your mission is over.

Platinum Objective - Get to diner in less than 40 seconds

It`s not that hard. You have forty seconds to get from the park to the diner.
Just follow the above walkthrough, and don`t hit anything. If you get to the
blue circle with at least fifteen seconds left, you`ll be fine.

| [7.15] The Kiss Kiss Club |

Score for Gold : 225000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Enter the Kiss Kiss Club
Find Mya before her song ends
Retrieve security access card
Rescue Mya

From the beginning, turn around and rappel to the open window. There is a
woman in here waiting for a massage; approach her and press A, and you`ll get
the first Bond Moment. Leave her room, and go left. Head to the door at the
end of the wall and pull out the sleeper dart gun. As soon as you`re through,
shoot the guard. If he sets off an alarm or cries for help, don`t worry; you
will just have to kill a few more guards. Either way, ignore the stairs, and
head down the hall to the left, into the control room. Walk up to the big
system at the end and press A to unlock a door. You`ll also find a battery in
this room. Leave, and head down the stairs. As you near the bottom, turn to
your right and kill the guard standing there. If you need any armor, you can
find some to the left behind the mini table. Keep going down the hall and walk
through the door you unlocked for a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you`ll be crouched behind the bar with a shotgun. Don`t
take too long, because the bar will get damaged, eventually breaking apart,
letting the baddies shoot you. Make your way to the left of the bar and press
A on the lever at the end, causing the track lighting to fall down, killing the
guards and getting the second Bond Moment. There will be a few men upstairs on
the balcony; killing them from below will net you the third and final Bond
Moment. Walk to the elevator on your right, and take it up. When you get to
the second floor, head to your left (Bond`s right), and take out the guard that
will pop out from behind the wall. Round the corner and kill the two other
guards, then go into the security room in the middle. Kill the remaining guard
in here, then take the security card from the desk. There is armor on the far
side of the desk if it`s needed.

Return to the elevator, ride it back down, and kill the bouncers who show up.
They are all brandishing crowbars, so don`t let them surround you or they could
beat on you for a while. Run to the room behind the stage, get the battery,
and use the keycard on the door at the far end. There will be a bouncer and a
guard in here; kill them both, then head to the part of the wall that`s off
colored and it`ll open. There is a guard at the end of this passage hiding
behind the wall. A couple more guards will be here, so kill them, collect the
weapons, and head up the small steps to the door. As you approach it, the
mission ends.

Platinum Objective - Don`t fire any rounds

Most of the enemies in this area are bouncers with crowbars, so you can let
them get close to you, then finish them off with some good old fisticuffs.
There are also several items you can pick up, including wrenches and beer
bottles; these will kill any enemies while not charging you for firing.

| [7.16] Underworld |

Score for Gold : N/A
Bond Moments : N/A
Objectives : Rescue Mya

When the mission begins, wall hug the wall to your right. At the end, target
the guard behind the table, and use the Right Stick to place the red targeting
reticule on his head, then fire. Grab the skeleton key from the spot beside the
door, then open it. Two guards will appear at the bottom, so wall cover to the
right of the door and pick them off. Go down the stairs. At the bottom, turn
to the left, but don`t open the door yet. Bring out a Q-Spider, send it into
the vent, and detonate it by the explosive barrel. As Bond, turn to your right
and you`ll see there is now a hole in the wall. Wall cover to either the left
or right of the hole, and let the soldiers come at you. This way is much
easier than opening the door and losing lots of health. After four or five
soldiers come, walk into the room, staying crouched and hiding behind any of
the pipes, killing any remaining soldiers. Before leaving the area, you should
kill around five more. If you need armor, head directly to the back of the
room opposite the hole. When the enemies seem to stop, head up the small steps
to the left of the armor (you have to walk around) and go through the door.

Unless you got real lucky in the previous room, there will be three more guards
in here. Don`t worry if you get hurt, because there is an armor pickup here as
well. When the immediate threat is cleared, walk to the back into the more
fancier area. There are more guards here. Walk to the right until you see a
door to your left and in front of you; take the left one. In this small
room, grab the weapon from the back, then crouch and face toward the door. One
or two guards should come; kill them both, then leave, and enter the door you
passed up; it`s now to your left. Walk down the steps, kill the one bouncer,
turn to your left, grab the armor and approach the door, causing the mission to

Platinum Objective - N/A

| [7.17] Death`s Door |

Score for Gold : 275000
Bond Moments : 6
Objectives : Retrieve skeleton key from bell tower
Gain entry to run-down building
Destroy security box to open gate
Find a way to enter the creamatorium
Rescue Mya
Defeat Jean Le Rouge

At the start of the mission, crouch and walk up the stairs. At the top, use
wall cover on the left wall, and target the nearest enemy. Three or four more
should come for you, so kill them all. When they stop, head into the courtyard
the soldiers came out of, and run through the opening that`s almost directly
across from you. You`ll see a fountain in front of you. There may be another
one or two guards here. Turn right from the fountain and take the Dragunov
that`s sitting on top of a grave. Head opposite where the Dragunov was, and
you`ll see a building to your left. A soldier will come crashing through the
first window, so be ready for him. When he`s down, run forward. The wooden
planks guarding the door will blast open, and two guards will come out. Kill
them, then kill the guards near the end of the path. Return to the building
and try to go through the door for a message from M. Duck behind one of the
walls to avoid being shot by the sniper, then pull out your Q-Spider and send
it through the vent next to the crates to get some armor and a Bond Moment.

Leave the building, turn left, follow the path around to the right. Kill any
guards, and approach the tower. You will see a guard run by you and toward the
gate. Kill him before he gets the gate open, and you`ll earn the second Bond
Moment. When the coast is clear, put away your gun, rappel up the bell tower
where the sniper is, and beat on him for the third Bond Moment. Grab his ammo,
then look out and kill any enemies you can, including the sniper at the far end
of the level to the right. There is also an armor here if you need it. Rappel
down the bell tower, and as you do, a cutscene will show a rocket toting guard
fire, destroying the tower. As you regain control, kill any immediate threats,
then return to the building where you used the Q-Spider, killing soldiers as
you go. Approach the door, and use your skeleton key to unlock it.

Once inside, two guards will immediately attack; one from the balcony above,
and one who comes rolling in from the right. Kill them, then activate your
thermovision. Run up the stairs to your right, and you`ll have to kill two or
three more guards. There is an armor in the back right corner of this room.
Head to the windows, and open the balcony door. Turn off your thermovision and
bring up the Dragunov scope. Look out directly across from you. See the large
gate on the building? It`s the building where you killed the sniper from the
bell tower. To the right and slightly above of that gate is a red box. Shoot
it to force the gate open, and gain the fourth Bond Moment. Turn around, run
back inside, turn thermovision on, and shoot the new enemies will make their
way up the stairs. If no enemies come up, and none are waiting below, you`re
lucky. Leave the building.

You now have to make your way across to that gate, but it`s not easy, since
there is a whole host of new enemies. Your best bet is to make a break for it,
killing only who is immediately threatening you. As you work your way around,
you`ll come to a path that heads down a small set of stairs. If you need
armor, go to the right before taking this path, and you`ll find one sitting
next to a tombstone. Follow the path up to the large door to enter the

When the area has loaded, make your way down the stairs. When you get to the
bottom, head left and a cutscene will play. Before going after Jean Le Rouge,
hit the button to stop Mya from going into the fire. Depending on how fast you
kill Le Rouge, you may have to hit the button several times. If you get hurt,
there are several armors spread throughout the area. The best way to hurt Le
Rouge is to enter Bond Sense and target the explosives or the steam vents.
This damages him the most, as well as nets you one Bond Moment; do it a second
time and you`ll get the final Bond Moment. When you run out of explosives,
switch to the SPAS-12 shotgun. Be careful of him, as his gun shoots out
explosives that will hurt you badly and knock you back.

With Jean Le Rouge dead, Bond will lower Mya to safely, and you`ll be ready to
leave, mission successful.

Platinum Objective - Complete mission in 3:15

I found this kind of hard, but what you have to do is rush through the entire
level. Don`t bother with the sniper rifle, avoid who you can, just plow
through everything.

| [7.18] Battle in the Big Easy |

Score for Gold : 250000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Take Mya to Bond`s lair
Allow Mya to defuse bomb
Destroy the compound
Use laser on fuel access panel
Deliver Mya to her apartment

You`ll be in a limo. Fun. Immediately head to the right and use your smoke
screen (by pressing A) on the jeep, and you`ll get your first Bond Moment. You
have to keep your speed up for 35 seconds, so keep driving, and if you can,
head toward the blue dot. Try to avoid crashing into anything, especially a
wall. If you`re forced to reverse, just restart the mission.

When the bomb has been diffused, continue heading toward the dot. This is the
safe house. You`ll need to lose anybody who is following you, so drive around
in circles with your smokescreen to throw everyone off course. When you are no
longer being followed, enter the safehouse, and you`ll switch into the Aston
Martin. Leave the safehouse, and you`ll be attacked by a car on your left.
Back on the streets, bring up the map; we`re heading back to the warehouse, the
place you went with the transport truck. Follow the roads, killing any enemies
in your way. When you get to the warehouse, go through the same gate you did
before, and park in the blue circle. Press Y to deploy an RC car.

When you`re controlling the RC car, head through the small steel pipe to the
left of the doors. At the end, drop onto the catwalk, then drive forward. A
small cutscene will play. Afterwards, use your laser on the panel that`s been
automatically targeted. When you see another small cutscene play, drive off
the catwalk, past that panel. When you land, reverse slowly and to the right,
then head to the left of where you dropped. Follow the catwalks. When you get
to a fork, take it right, and follow it to the ground where you will approach
the large flammable container. Use your laser on that panel, and you`ll be
credited with destroying the entire facility.

You`re now back in the Vanquish, and you have to get Mya to her apartment.
Normally, this would be easy, but there will be a ton of cars after you. Kill
any you see with missiles, and if you let any escape, acid slick `em. Using
the map, get to Mya`s apartment. If you get there fast enough, you`ll earn the
final Bond Moment. When you pull into the parking circle, the mission is over.

Platinum Objective - Get to facility in less than 55 seconds

Easy. Just follow the path to the facility (to deploy the RC car). Don`t stop
for anything, and try to avoid everything. If you miss shooting a car, don`t
go back for it; only kill it if it gets in front of you.

| [7.19] Faded Splendor |

Score for Gold : 300000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Find Yayakov`s lair
Disable the door switches

When the mission begins, you will be standing behind a wall, with two guards in
front of you talking. Crouch, then press BLACK to wall cover. You`ll grab the
weapon to your right. Wait for the guards to stop talking, and one will walk
toward you. When he gets into the room, kill him with your Sleeper Dart. If
the other guard comes to investigate, let him have it. If not, use your nano-
suit, sneak into the main hall, and go into the left doorway where the guard
entered. Sneak up and kill him. Hide behind one of the covered couches, and
send a Q-Spider into the vent. When you exit the vent, grab the armor if it`s
needed. Head toward the guard, but not too close. Do a 180 turn, and go up
the stairs. At the very top, go into the room on the right, and detonate,
killing the sniper.

With Bond in control again, head back to the main room, and rappel up to the
now dead sniper`s position. As you rappel, you`ll earn your first Bond Moment.
When you land, immediately dive, because there`s a man with a rifle to your
left. Kill him. Walk around the corner, and kill any guards you see. Run
down the long hall if you need armor (it`s in the room the guard came out of).
Return to the area with the large hole in the floor and go down the stairs,
mopping up any remaining enemies. Once on the landing, a guard will come from
the left room. Walk forward through the big doorway, and you`ll be on another
landing overlooking a large room. Using Bond Sense, target the chandelier far
above you, and shoot it. It will fall, killing the guards below and giving you
the second Bond Moment. Turn around, back to the stairs, and continue going

At the bottom, walk into the large room where the soldiers are now dead. Head
across to the white double doors, then turn left. Head to the small doorway.
In this little spot, throw the switch, and get the battery. Go back, and be
prepared for the trio of guards who are now here. When they`re dead, head to
the other side of the staircase, go into the space, throw the switch and grab
the battery. The doors are now unlocked, and more guards have come in, one of
which has a Dragunov. Either strafe and fire at him, or take cover and send a
Q-Spider up the stairs.

When the room is clear, go up the grand staircase. Hang a left (the only way
possible), and make your way around the landing to the other side. As you do
so, two guards will jump over a barricade; kill them and continue, killing the
guard who bursts through the door. Go through that same door, and run into the
room to your right. In this room, you`ll see a crack behind a painting that
leads to a secret room. Send a Q-Spider down the staircase just outside this
room, go through the vent at the bottom, and make your way to the secret room.
Go to the painting and detonate, giving Bond access to the room. Not only can
you grab a ton of weapons, but this also gives you the final Bond Moment.
Leave the room and go down the stairs. At the bottom, hang a right and kill
the guards in the security room. The door you need shuts, so you have to find
an alternate route. Grab the armor in this room if it`s needed, then return to
the staircase. On the middle landing, look to your left and you`ll see a large
wooden wall. Kill the sniper standing up top, and rappel up.

Make your way to the doorway at the end, and kill the guards. Grab the armor
if needed, then enter the opposite door. Keep running around until you get to
a hole; rappel down, and immediately take cover behind the nearest object.
Kill any nearby enemies, then enter the far room. Kill all the soldiers in
here, which is Yayakov`s lair, and your mission will be over.

Platinum Objective - Receive 100 damage or less

This is hard, considering the amount of guards in this mission. Just take your
time and don`t rush into anything. Use wall hug whenever possible.

| [7.20] The Machinery of Evil |

Score for Gold : 300000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Defeat Yayakov
Destroy all 4 processing chambers
Destroy transformer cores

Before opening the door in front of you, grab the armor and shotgun. When you
go through, you`ll get a cutscene. After it`s over, stand where you are and
wait for two guards to show up to the left and right; kill them, then kill the
next two guards hiding behind the machines in the middle. When they`re dead,
head left (as if you are facing Yayakov) toward the door, but go down the ramp
to the left. The door will open. Approach the machine, and cross over to the
other side when the electricity stops. Use the console, and this machine will
be disabled. You`ll also let loose five or six guards, three of which you can
see through the window. Return to the main floor and kill them all.

Head into the room directly to the right of Yayakov, with two circular pillars.
Destroy the machine, and when the window opens, you`ll see a guard giving you
the "I`m gonna slit your throat" gesture. Grab the armor and gun, and head
back out to the floor, killing them all.

Now go to the room directly to the left of Yayakov, with one big cylinder. Use
the console to destroy the machine, grab the armor and weapon, and head back
outside. Electricity has blocked off the path, so head down the ramp and you
will be underneath the main floor. There are a ton of enemies here. Kill all
of them but the two standing in front of a pipe. Use your Bond Sense to target
the pipe and shoot it, causing steam to rise out, stunning the soldiers and
giving you the first Bond Moment. When they are all dead, walk back to where
you came down until you see two red pipes. Use Bond Sense to target them and
reveal the AT-420, giving you the second Bond Moment. With the rocket launcher
in hand, run down to opposite end of the "basement", and you`ll see a small
ramp with a vent. Walk across and kill the guard coming down the stairs, then
send a Q-Spider into the vent. Be careful when you exit the vent, because you
have to walk across some narrow platforms. Take the spider elevator up to the
top level, and you`ll wind up in the final room. Head to the room`s door, and
see the mechanical thing opposite the door? Detonate near it. This forces the
door open. As Bond, run up the ramp nearest you, follow the catwalk, turn
right at the fork, run down, turn right down the ramp and enter the room.
Collect the weapon if you need it, then use the console to destroy the machine.

You now have another set of guards to deal with. Let as many come to you, and
only head out to mop up. When all the soldiers have been dealt with, move to
the spinning machines in the middle of the room, and fire at the red parts to
destroy them. When both are finished, so is your mission.

Platinum Objective - Fire no more than 10 rounds

I find this one damn near impossible, and I still can`t do it. What you have
to do is use the wrench; almost all the time. Remember, you need to conserve
some shots so you can destroy the transformers at the end.

| [7.21] The Pontchartrain Bridge |

Score for Gold : 300000
Bond Moments : 4
Objectives : Disable Jaws` tanker

As the mission begins, head onto the small wooden walkway. Drive over it, and
at the end, drive into the swamp. Make sure you have some speed, then jump
from the swamp over the gate, and you`ll get a Bond Moment. Once on the other
side, take the left path. You will soon see a house where enemies are firing
at you from; launch two missiles to destroy it, earning the second Bond Moment.
Keep driving, through the storm drain, up to the dirt path, and finally onto
the highway. Launch a couple of missiles at the signboard ahead to destroy the
barrier so it won`t slow you down. Stay on this side of the road.

When you pass the first break, two motorcycles will come at you. Use either
the shotgun or flamethrower to kill them. Keep driving down this road. Don`t
hit any traffic, because the damage is extreme. If you keep running into cars,
then slow down and take your time. Eventually you`ll see a ramp to your left
that`s under construction; drive up it and jump to the other side of the road
for the third Bond Moment. Be extra careful here, as you`re facing oncoming
traffic. When you pass the break, two cars will attack, but since you`re on
the wrong side of the road, they won`t chase too long. At the next break,
switch sides and get back on the road so you can go with the traffic. Keep
driving, killing any motorcycles until you see a cutscene of Jaws crashing into
another tanker. As you approach the overturned tanker, press X to powerslide
underneath, and you`ll get a cinematic and the final Bond Moment.

Once past the tanker, you need to destroy Jaws` tanker. Launch missiles at the
enemy transport trucks, then take on Jaws. He won`t hurt you, but he will try
to push you into traffic. You have four miles (roughly five minutes) to get
the tanker. Pull up alongside him, on either side, and use your flamethrower
to burn the tires. Eventually he`ll push you into the rail, slowing you down,
so just speed up and do the same thing again. If you don`t kill him fast
enough, he`ll switch to the opposite side of the street, making it even harder,
as the oncoming traffic is easier for you to smash into.

When Jaws is finally defeated, watch the cinematic, and your mission is over.

Platinum Objective - Destroy tanker in less than 3:20

It`s quite easy, actually. If you can get Jaws down to a sliver of health by
the two mile mark, you`ll be able to get this medal easily.

| [7.22] MI6 Interlude |

Score for Gold : N/A
Bond Moments : N/A
Objectives : N/A

Just like the previous two interlude missions, this is just Q describing a new
gadget to you, an EMP grenade.

| [7.23] A Simple Exchange |

Score for Gold : 325000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Ensure there are no casualties
Don`t raise the alarm
Disable security lasers
Find the racecar driver`s room
Switch places with the racecar driver

As soon as the mission begins, pull out your sleeper dart gun and fire at the
guy who is walking away from you. Go up the stairs, and approach the lasers to
get a message from Q. Return down the stairs, and go behind the reception area
to get a battery. Now run straight across into the lounge area. There are
security cameras in this room, so be careful. Get into a crouch, and walk
along the right side of the room, avoiding the security cameras. When you get
to the end, you will see a guard in the next room, which is where the junction
box is for the lasers. Pull out your sleeper dart gun and tag him. When he
falls, run to his body to collect a keycard, then use the junction box by
pressing A. If you managed to get here without being detected, you`ll earn the
first Bond Moment. Approach the liquor cabinet and press A to slide it away.
Enter the secret passage, collect the sleeper ammo, and get the second Bond
Moment. Return to the reception hall and go back up the stairs. Go forward,
turn left where the hall turns, and enter the second door on your right. Run
to the desk in the back for a battery. Leave the room and turn right, heading
into the upper floor of the lounge.

Before you finish the level, be sure to destroy at least four security cameras
with EMP grenades so you can cash in on the final Bond Moment.

The whole time, be on the lookout for guards, and shoot them with the sleeper
dart before they have a chance to hit an alarm. Head to the last door on the
far right; it has a camera directly above it. Inside the room, turn left and
walk across the small balcony. Shoot the guard in here; this is the driver`s
room. Walk up to the clothes hanging on the door, and press A to change into
the uniform, thus ending the mission.

Platinum Objective - Finish mission in less than forty seconds

Once the mission starts, quickly switch into Bond sense and cycle to the dart
gun. Take out the guard in front of you and run through the lounge completely
ignoring stealth and cameras. Take out the guard near the junction box and turn
off the lasers. There should be at least 25 seconds left. Run back to the lobby
ignoring the guard. Before going into the room with the stairs, turn on your
nano suit in Bond sense. Run up the stairs, go stright and then to the left
until you meet up to the double doors. Ignore all guards when entering the
room. You might want to dive when entering the last room to get to the suit in

** Platinum strategy sent in by RobertP.

| [7.24] Red Line |

Score for Gold : 350000
Bond Moments : 2
Objectives : Place first in the race

There really isn`t anything special to this mission. If you`ve ever played a
racing game, it`ll be no problem. For the Bond Moments, use the ramp right
next to the tree after the explosive barrels, then immediately get over to the
left side of the road and jump that ramp. Clearing both gets you the Bond
Moment. At the end of the lap, just before you pass Diavolo`s house, there
will be a loop (check your map). Take the shortcut, and get the Bond Moment.

Platinum Objective - Win race in less than 4:50

It`s easy. I managed to finish the race in three minutes on my first try, not
even for a platinum. Avoid all the cars until you`re ready to pass, so you
don`t risk running into them.

| [7.25] Ambushed |

Score for Gold : 350000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Find Serena
Destroy fusebox to open shutters

This mission is a pain in the ass. As soon as it starts, punch the guy with
the gun until he falls, then punch the second guy. Keep your gun holstered,
because believe me, you WILL need the ammo. A third guard will appear right
outside the door; beat him up. There really isn`t much strategy here. Return
to the racecar driver`s room, and from the balcony, destroy the fusebox below.
Head to that area, and open the secret passage behind the liquor cabinet.

The part of this mission that makes it tough is the large amount of enemies.
They are armed with everything; pistols, rocket launchers, AK-74`s, shotguns,
even beer bottles. Just take your time, pick your shots wisely (because of
your limited ammunition), and you should do just fine.

Platinum Objective - No firing

Rush the first guy with the gun and slam him against the wall, then backfist
the other guy and punch him until he falls. You should have not taken damage
yet. Go outside and to your left, but stay behind the wall. You should see two
guys coming at you. Once the first one is as close as he can be before turning
the corner, hit him. Then rush the other guy. He should move toward the edge,
and this is where you can throw em off. (you can get some health in the room
you started in, but you may not need it if you were very fast) Go into the big
room on the top floor, but make sure you use the right side first. A guy should
come at you, so take the bottle, and throw it at him. Immediately a guy should
be behind you, take him out. Next, Run (on the right side still) and get to the
door where you hear lots of shooting (the guard is trying to shoot it down) As
soon as you hear him reload (he should, if he doesn`t, rush em anyway) Hit him
first, then the other guy in the room. (don`t go to the ledge area and try to
hit the box yet) Head back along the right side and avoid the rocket launcher
guy by staying on one side, then moving to the next. He will go out of site to
reload, and then come back (you should be right around there when he does)
Knock him out. Now there should be a couple of guys on the top floor, who may
come out now. (I`m forgetting a little) Head downstairs, and you will see two
guys dropping off the ledge, land where the one to your right would be, beat
him up, move to the next guy (there should also be 2 shotgun guys waiting
trying to get a shot, as long as you are trying to hit there men, they wont
risk the shot) As soon as they are down, As fast as you can, rush or jump
toward the shotgun guys and knock them out. There should be one more coming
out, so grab the bottle on the counter and throw it at him. Now go into the big
room, on the bottom, and knock at the 3 guys, (2 will come at you, the other
will shoot, if you get the 2 guys, he will come at you) If you got the security
card from the "A Simple Exchange" Mission, then this is your lucky day, go into
that small hall that`s to your right, and open the last door, and there should
be ammo (you don`t need) a Crowbar (how nice) and 2 vests (yes!) Basically, you
will have few guards left overall. Take out the 3 (only one has a weapon) that
are on the bottom floor. Now, go back up, take a bottle, and throw it at the
security box (your objective) One guy should already be next to you, so beat
him to a pulp. There should only be one LAST shotgun guys, rush him like you
did with the others, and you will have no problem. Grab a bottle, and hit the
guys who are coming down the hall (now the one that is on YOUR right) Get in
that little cover spot with the vest, and throw your bottle, beat up anyone
else who gets by you, and then take there bottle. Repeat this (only like 2-3
more times, but its VERY easy once you get that down) And now, all you have to
do, is walk downstairs, and press the wine shelf thing, and you did it, without
any ammo!

** Platinum strategy sent in by HanMan.

| [7.26] The High Road |

Score for Gold : 300000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Deliver Serena to hotel and acquire Q-Bike
Arrive at mine entrance
Fins secret access to mine route

Since your Porsche was destroyed (by your own hand!), you`re forced to get away
in the sports car. It`s fast, so that`s a plus, but you`ll be attacked and it
has no weapons for you to use, so keep your finger on the accelerator and make
your way to the flashing blue icon. If motorcycles get too close, ram them.
The weight of your car is enough to destroy them, or at least force them to
crash into the side of the road, resulting in death. When you first get on the
street and are stopped by two tanks, use the ramp on the fireworks factory to
hop over them, getting you the first Bond Moment. Keep going, avoiding or
killing enemy patrols. Stop in the parking circle.

After the cutscene, you`ll be on the motorcycle. Take off over the ramp to the
right of the two vehicles. When you land, you should be on the rooftops,
netting yourself the second Bond Moment. Keep driving along the roof until you
are forced to jump off, then make your way to the new blue icon.

You will see that the mine is blocked, and you have to find an alternate route.
Don`t worry, though, because your facing it when the cutscene is over. Drive
towards that darkened path and ride up. Whatever you do, stay on the roofs, or
you`ll have to find a roof entrance again when you get to the road. Eventually
your journey ends on a suspension bridge that snaps. You fall down to the
waters below, and you`ll be driving towards a small cavern. As you near the
opening, press X to powerslide, and you`ll go right underneath the hole and
wind up inside the mine. Drive through the mine, and at the end you`ll jump
over a large chasm into a waterfall, and then into the blue circle, ending the

Platinum Objective - Get to mine in less than 1:20

Once you get to the mine and see that it is closed off, you have one minute and
twenty seconds to find the alternate entrance. This means you have to get on
the roofs, make your way through the city rooftops, powerslide through the hole
and jump the gap to the waterfall. It`s quite easy; just try not to get held
up on anything that`ll slow you down.

| [7.27] Diavolo`s Plan |

Score for Gold : 375000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Escape
Retrieve your equipment
Destroy both exhaust gear systems
Activate override switch in control center
Escape from the mine before it blows

Not a good spot to be, eh Bond? Immediately select your EMP grenade and use it
to deactivate the drill and free yourself from the shackles. Run to the right
of the drill and grab your equipment, then have your sleeper dart gun pulled
out. Aim at the door, because a guard will come investigate the sound. You
know, the destruction of the drill. Kill him and take his pistol, then walk
out and kill all the guards in this area, four total. Return to the drill, and
target the propane with your Bond Sense. Blow it up to reveal a weapon locker.
Head back outside and look across, and you`ll see two guards. One has a rocket
launcher. Target the propane tanks in Bond Sense, and fire. The explosion
will take out the two soldiers as well as give you a Bond Moment. Run all the
way down to the right, past the crates, and push the button to call the
elevator. Run all the way down to the opposite side again (where you killed
the three guards), and be ready for more guards. There is armor in the corner
if you need it. Get in the elevator and take it up.

At the top, crouch and walk along the catwalk. Target the two soldiers behind
the rail, and kill them. One more guard will jump down from the catwalk above,
and two more will appear on the building opposite you. When all are dead, walk
onto the conveyor belt that is leading out of the crushing machine. Target the
gauges to the right of each crusher to deactivate them. There is a battery and
armor in two of the small alcoves here. Run to the other end and go up the
stairs. When you are on the catwalk, walk slowly and look up; three soldiers
will rappel down. Kill them, and three more will come. When all are dead,
shoot the exhaust vent. It`s easily seen, and is automatically targeted. Now
shoot the one across from the first one. You now have three minutes and thirty
seconds to exit the mine. Rappel up the very tall metal wall, and walk down
the path, killing the soldiers who will rappel to your left. At the end, grab
the armor behind the crate if it`s needed, and go through the door.

Go through the door to your left now, and kill any guards in here. There is a
Dragunov in the room directly across from you. Run down the stairs into the
control room and kill everyone you see. More guards will come from the stairs
that you just came down, so watch for them. Use the console in front of the
laser-barricaded door to unlock it. Use a Q-Spider to get to the armor under
the staircase for the second Bond Moment, then use another Spider, send it
through the lasers, blow up the console to the immediate right upon entering.
This disables the laser grid, and gives you the final Bond Moment. Grab the
rocket ammo in this room, kill the guard, and run to the elevator. It blows
up. You should now have around 1:50 left. Return all the way you came, up the
stairs, up the next set of stairs, killing the guards as you go. When you get
to the top, follow the catwalks, and you`ll see a door blow up. Directly
opposite that door is an elevator. Run to it and press A to call it. Kill the
remaining guards, enter the elevator when it arrives, and hit the button inside
to get the hell out of the mine.

Platinum Objective - Finish mission in 3:30

Quite simple. There is plenty of armor throughout the level, so just rush and
don`t worry about taking your time. Kill only who you need to, and don`t worry
about any of the Bond Moments.

| [7.28] The Platinum War |

Score for Gold : 400000
Bond Moments : 2
Objectives : Neutralize the bomb under the Kremlin
Prevent tanks from penetrating Kremlin wall

As the mission begins, you`re in control of one of the platinum tanks. Keep
driving down the road you`re on, and when you come to a wall blocking your
path, destroy it. Head through and hang a right, then switch to the Nano Shell
so you will automatically target the arch above. Shoot it, and it will come
crashing down on top of a tank, giving you a Bond Moment. Keep going and take
the first left. Switch to the plasma gun and destroy the truck as soon as you
see it; this will net you the second Bond Moment. The explosion also makes a
big hole appear in the nearby wall, so drive through it. Keep going until you
wind up back outside. Destroy all the tanks, and head left, to the rear of the
Kremlin. You will soon be stuck with a two minute time limit, or the bomb goes
kablooey. You will see a pair of double doors; shoot them or drive through
them and toggle the fullscreen map. You have to head toward the, what else,
blue icon. When you get to the destination, use your nano shell weapon to
destroy the bomb.

You are now under a two minute time limit, again. Turn around and head toward
the blue dot, again. You will see three pillars en route; use your nano shell
to destroy them all. There will also be tanks that you have to contend with.
After destroying the pillars, continue along the same route, but don`t go out
the same way you came in; go through the door that`s already opened on the
other side. Keep going straight and you`ll soon be outside. When you emerge
from the building, head to the right, destroying any tanks, and turn right
again to go through the arch. A cutscene will take over.

Once the cutscene is over, switch to your nano shell and target the chopper.
Destroy it, and it will take out the tanks below by crashing into the ground,
and causing it to collapse. After another brief cutscene, the mission ends.

Platinum Objective - Neutralize bomb in less than 2:15

This is easy, too. Just keep driving and destroy the bomb in the required time

| [7.29] Dangerous Descent |

Score for Gold : 300000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Find Diavolo
Reactivate the lift
Shoot out the brake controls
Disable Jaws` flamethrower
Enter the plane`s cockpit

As soon as you`ve got control of Bond, deploy a Q-Spider. Have it sent out
over the stair landing onto the crates. Follow the crates and planks until you
come to an open window, and go through it. Drop to the floor and enter the
door that`s been cracked open. Wait for the soldier in here to use the console
and open the large red doors, then detonate near him to kill him. This may not
seem important now, but it will be later. It`ll also give you a Bond Moment.

With Bond under your command again, run to the right, down the stairs, toward
the large collection of crates. Bring up your Bond sense and target the crate
with the picture of a rocket on it. Destroy it. Collect the rocket launcher
and the ammo, then look across the big elevator to see a lonely wooden box on a
ledge. Target it and destroy it completely (four or five pistol shots). Now,
deploy another Spider, and send it between the crates. You will find plenty of
spider-sized holes. Keep going and you`ll wind up on the ledge that last box
was sitting on. Keep going around until you get to the other side, then head
into the room on your right. Scurry up to the console and detonate. This will
make your trip through the elevator easier, as the lasers will no longer move.
It`ll also give you the second Bond Moment.

As Bond, get out your rocket launcher and jump down. Start running down, and
a rocket turret will pop out. Destroy it with your own rockets (it may take
one or two shots). Do not blindly fly down, because the lasers will hurt you.
Instead, ease forward on the left stick to walk down instead of jumping. As
you get further down, two more rocket turrets will appear; destroy them both.
One more set of lasers will block your path, but they`re easy to get around.
When you`re by them, hop down to the elevator floor.

Now that you`re past the laser system, the elevator will rise up a little more,
then the sliding doors will open. Enter the single one, the one closest to
you. Walk forward a little, and use wall cover. Kill two guards (at least two
will come to you). Use your Bond Sense to target the maintenance grate in the
floor and destroy it. Send a Spider down there, and have it pop out at the
other end, killing the guards and getting the final Bond Moment. When everyone
is dead, activate the two consoles. More guards will appear from a new room;
kill them, collect the goodies (including armor if needed), then head through
the only open door to the elevator. It`ll start moving, and a cutscene will
take over.

After the cutscene, immediately target and kill the four rocket launcher guards
in front of you. When they are all dead, use your Bond Sense to locate the
brake controls at each corner of the room (four in total). When they are all
destroyed, the elevator will begin to fall rapidly. Another cutscene will take

So, Jaws still isn`t dead. He`s one tough son of a bitch, isn`t he? He now
has a flamethrower, which you would do best to avoid. Crouch behind the metal
crates, and wait for Jaws to turn his back. If one of the crates begins to get
red, move immediately, or you`ll be burned (read: killed). When Jaws has his
back to you, target and don`t let up until he`s about to attack again. You
have roughly one minute (although there`s no official countdown) before the
elevator crashes, killing you. Jaws has three attacks; his basic flamethrower
attack is first. When you`ve hurt him enough, he`ll launch fire balls that
will hurt you, whether you`re behind a crate or not, so to avoid them, just
keep diving from side to side. His third attack is three fire balls that does
even more damage. Just keep pounding him with the SIG and avoid his balls.

When there`s nothing left of him, quickly run to the cockpit of the plane and
get in. A cutscene will take over. You`ve used the ejector seat to avoid the
crashing elevator. Jaws is probably dead, but we can`t say for sure, can we?
Mission over.

Platinum Objective - Receive less than 100 damage

Surprisingly, this is easy. All you have to do is wall cover and pop out to
kill the soldiers. When fighting Jaws, just hide behind the crates and dodge
the fire balls.

| [7.30] Red Underground |

Score for Gold : 425000
Bond Moments : 6
Objectives : Find a way out of the shaft
Locate the tank hangar exit

Run forward and rappel up the doors. At the top, a sliding door will open for
you, revealing a large military base with tanks. Target the soldier standing
on the middle catwalk, and kill him. He`ll fall over the balcony, resulting in
a Bond Moment. Wall cover behind the left part of the door, and pull out your
Network Tap. Fire it at the tank closest to you to take control of the turret.
It`ll give you a Bond Moment. Kill everybody here, and cause as much damage as
you can before they destroy the turret. Once you`ve killed everybody you can
see, head out, but stay on this upper catwalk. Run to the right and step on
the small platform, then press the button to travel across. Grab the Dragunov
at the end for the third Bond Moment. Use it to kill anybody you can see, then
rappel down.

Once on the floor, take cover behind whatever obstacles you can, as you`ll have
to kill close to fifteen guards (in total). Two of the harder ones are covered
in some bunkers; one with a sniper rifle and one with a AT-420. Along the
right side of the wall (by the tanks) you will find a small nook with an AT-420
and some SIG ammo. Once the floor is clear, deploy a spider, and send it into
the small hole leading to the bunkers to easily kill the guards with the AT-420
and Dragunov. Collect any batteries and armor as needed (they are scattered
around), then head to the ramp at the back left of the room. Before going down
you will see an enemy standing under a tank. Use your Bond Sense to target the
red control panel, and shoot it; this causes the tank to come crashing down,
and you`ll get a Bond Moment. Now you may go down the ramp.

There are a ton of soldiers down here, including some using nano camouflage, so
activate your thermovision so that you can target them. You will encounter one
soldier who is standing near a sign that says "Spray Platinum". If you hit the
nearby button, that soldier will be sprayed with platinum, killed, and you will
be awarded a Bond Moment. Opposite the platinum button is a lever; pull it and
the bridge will lower. Go across it. A small cutscene will take over. Once
it is finished, pull out a grenade and switch to Strobe. Press A at the panel
to open the door, then toss the strobe grenade inside. If you manage to stun
the guards there, you`ll get the final Bond Moment. Don`t bother with killing
them; run by them and approach the door. Another successful mission, Mr. Bond.

Platinum Objective - Fire 10 rounds or less

To get the platinum medal first grab the Desert Eagle to the left. Then rappel
up the wall, get into wall cover mode, take out the Network Tap and shoot the
tank. Immediately fire a missile at the left most crate in the middle; this
should take out the rocket guard and the guy on the catwalk. Next immediately
fire another missile toward the back in the middle where another guard shoots a
rocket at you, then shoot the wall toward the left near the guard; this should
kill him. Turn right as far as you can and fire a rocket straight into the
ground, killing the last guard. By now you should`ve only fired 4 shots.

Now exit the Network Tap, grab the battery on the left and rappel down the
wall. Equip the Desert Eagle now. Now run to the left of the next tank along
the wall, and don`t worry about the sniper; just run. When you get halfway
switch to your Bond Sense and equip the Nano Suit. Then run straight, ignoring
all the guards, toward the ramp. Switch to Bond Sense again and aim at the
barrels with the Desert Eagle, firing two shots to take them out. Run straight
with whatever Nano Suit energy you have left, grab the armor and turn right.
Now enter Bond Sense again to shoot the control panel and watch the tank crash
on the guard.

Now run to the elevator, ignoring everything, and hit the switch. As you are
going up, someone will fire a rocket at you. Run off the elevator and into the
room to hit the platinum switch. After that immediately kill the rappeling
guard with melee attacks, then hit the switch really fast and run toward the
descending bridge. Watch the cutscene, and after that you are home free. Now,
just pull out your strobe grenades, hit the switch and throw one to stun the

It took me 3 tries to get this right and I only fired 8 rounds. You`ll get like
a 230% accuracy.

** Platinum strategy sent in by GenoC.

| [7.31] The Final Card |

Score for Gold : 325000
Bond Moments : 4
Objectives : Defeat Diavolo
Use the network tap on a turret
Disable 4 missile silo exhaust vents
Clear obstruction from override module
Escape through main entrance
Destroy Diavolo`s hoverjet

When the mission begins, two guards will be closing in on you. Kill them both
and immediately turn around. There are several guards you need to kill. Run
toward the stairs to your left, and kill the guard standing there. There is
armor inside the door here if you need it. Continue into the control area, and
you`ll see the turrets come online. When the turrets have been lowered, turn
around and head back to the main door, but go past it and down the next set of
stairs. When you hear the whooosh of a rocket, dive.

Continue to the large computer consoles in the middle of the room, killing
everybody. When you get to them, crouch and hide behind the second console.
Bring up your Network Tap and aim at the REAR of one of the turrets (shooting
the front won`t work; the game won`t even lock on to the front). When you have
command of the turret, aim it at the main door where you began the mission.
Three guards will come, pretty much asking to be killed. Kill them with one
rocket if you can. Pan the turret to the left, and you`ll see three more
guards appear. Kill them with less than two rockets. If you manage to kill
the two groups of three with three rockets or less, you`ll earn a Bond Moment.
When the guards are dead, target the other turret and kill it, getting a second
Bond Moment. Now, focus the turret on the podium thing that Diavolo is
standing in and shoot it. Release control of the turret.

You must now disable the four exhaust vents that you saw rise during the
cutscene. Two of them are on the same level as you, so run to them and press A
to use them, thereby disabling them. Be careful of all the guards that will
come at you; I counted around ten in total. When you`ve disabled these two
exhaust vents, head towards the red carpet on the lower level. You`ll see a
pair of double doors. Don`t go through them; instead, deploy a spider and send
it through the vent. When you emerge on the other side of the door, use the
darts on the spider to kill the two guards, and you`ll get the third Bond
Moment. Once those guards are dead, activate the two exhaust vents on this

Unfortunately, you have to clear a blockage, so deploy another spider and send
it into the vent near the exhaust switch. At the end, you`ll see a wrench has
blocked off the vent. Detonate the spider to clear the blockage, and you`ll
have stopped the launch. Now you have to leave, but since more men have come
in, including those in nanosuits, it`s not as easy as it sounds. Activate
thermovision to see the nano guards, and be sure to toss at least one EMP
grenade at a nanosuit to disable it, getting the final Bond Moment. Only kill
those who are in your way, and run to the main entrance. Head through the door
and you`ve just completed another mission. Almost.

When the new area loads, you`ll be facing one-on-one; James Bond vs. Diavolo.
Except Diavolo`s in a jet... with twin rockets... and a minigun... so it`s far
from remotely fair. What you need to do is use your AT-420 to target three
separate parts of the jet; the left rocket, right rocket, and nano bomb. Focus
on one part. It takes four direct hits to fully destroy one section. If you
run out of ammo, the jet`s minigun should make short work of the wooden crates,
revealing tons of rocket ammo. The jet has two attacks; it`ll launch rockets
at you, which home, so be sure to dive to avoid them. The second attack is the
jet sweeping the area with machine gun fire. To avoid this, you can dive, but
you`d be better off hiding behind one of the metal crates (not the wooden ones,
and for good reason). When you destroy each section of the jet, it`ll finally
go down, and your mission will be over. Well, Mr. Bond, one more mission to
accomplish, then you can go hang out with Serena. Mmm, fun, huh?

Platinum Objective - Receive less than 100 damage

When you start off hand-to-hand the first two guys who start in front of you.
Throwing them is the best, easiest and quickest way to do it. Once that is
done run and cover behind the box closest to you (just in front of you where
you start). Crouch and fire on everything that moves and kill as many guys as
quickly as possible before the turrets come down. When they do, run as fast as
you can to the end of the room and up the stairs to the level of ground where
you would shoot the turrets with the network gun. Shoot it and kill everyone in
the room. Once you exit the network gun, crouch behind the computer console
just in front of you and wait there patiently with your sleeper gun and fire at
the three or four guys when they come (be patient!). Once they are dead, hit
the switch on the rocket console to disable the rocket and go and hide again
in the same spot and wait for another two or three guys to come. When no one
else is around, run to the other end of the floor and disable the other rocket
console. Next, run down the stairs and to your right (opposite where the
double doors are that has the last rocket console in it) and quickly either
kill those three guys or send a spiderbot after them and sleeper dart them.
Once they are dead disable this rocket console. At this point, a guy willl run
at you. Kill him quickly. Run back where you came from, but be warned there
are now two guys who are to your right (up the main path that leads to the
exit, hiding behind some computers), so send a spiderbot and sleeper dart them.
Next, send a spiderbot into the spider tunnel just before the two double doors
and follow the path and sleeper dart the two guys waiting behind the door to
get a Bond Moment, then go and detonate at the wrench that is stuck. Finally,
run and disable the last rocket console and then wait behind the crate beside
it and kill the four guys that come in (two of them are nano guards). Once no
one else is running in send out a spiderbot and slowly and quietly go and
sleeper dart the five guys that are hiding, waiting for you. Once they are
dead, run around every floor and walkway with the spiderbot to make sure no one
comes out. When it is clear, run towards the exit. If you hear shots, stop,
hide, go into thermovision and kill anyone you see. Then run to the exit and
that is it. I beat the level without a hit off me. Be warned, though, that
killing so many people with the spiderbot gives you massive points, so I
suggest getting all the Bond Moments during the level, otherwise you will have
to redo it again the exact same way (except you would already have the platinum

** Platinum strategy sent in by master1_25.

| [7.32] Everything or Nothing |

Score for Gold : 450000
Bond Moments : 3
Objectives : Find the launch area
Defeat Diavolo
Reach the turret
Avoid the exhaust

When the mission begins, dive toward the crate in front of you, crouch, and
bring up a weapon. Watch the door ahead of you, as guards will start pouring
in. Once you`ve killed four of them, head to the left and kill the soldier who
is hiding behind some crates. Enter the door that the guards came from.

In this room, there will be more guards; one above you on the catwalk, two who
come through a door to your right, and two behind a locked door to your left.
Kill them all (use the windows to get the ones behind the door). Leave the way
you came in. Go back to the crates where that one guard was hiding, and deploy
a spider. Send it through the small hole at the side of the crate. Make your
way around to the stairs, then go up them, to the top, and go off the landing
at the end on the crates. You`re on the same path as you were in Dangerous
Descent when you killed the guard who opened the vault doors. Head back to
that room and approach the door that has a wooden bar across it. Detonate next
to it, and the door will be open, giving Bond access to that room and all the
equipment, as well as two Bond Moments; one when you blast the door and one as
you enter the vault. When you have Bond back, go into that room and stock up.
Return to the room with the high catwalk, and go through the door on the right
that the two guards came from.

This room is somewhat dark, but you shouldn`t need your thermal vision. Kill
the guards in here, especially the one high above toting a sniper rifle. Keep
going and you`ll wind up in a generator type room. There are lots of guards
here, so use wall cover to eliminate them. You can wait a second and shoot the
first barrel to kill two or three guards. When you`ve killed them all, around
seven, head to the left end of the room and open the door. In the new room,
immediately aim upward and slightly to the right to kill the guard with the
rocket, and a mini cutscene will take over. If ever a game needed checkpoints
or in-game saves, this is it.

You have to make your way to the end of the room, but there will be no less
than thirty guards (yes, I counted, since I died many, many times). Not only
do the guards carry rifles and shotguns, but they carry rocket launchers and
Dragunov`s as well. There are also several guards who wear nano, forcing you
to use thermovision. Slowly, and I mean slowly make your way to the back end
of the room, killing everybody. Chances are you`ll be pretty low on ammo by
the end of the mission, so collect everything you can. Once you get to the end
of the area, shoot through the windows to kill the guards, and then run to the
back left of the building to find a doorway. Go through, and more guards flood
in. The game can`t give you one measly break, can it? Kill all these newfound
guards, then enter the door. In the next room, enter the double doors directly
ahead of you and kill the guard inside, then collect the armor. Turn around,
leave, and go through the huge red door. Walk down the corridor to start the
final boss fight.

When the area loads, run down the stairs and into the control room. Collect
AT-420 ammo from the left if you need it, then run down the ramp and you`ll be
outside. Diavolo isn`t dead after all. Target his pod, and strafe to the left
and right to avoid his rockets. Three rocket blasts from you and he`s toast.
One final objective to do. As soon as he`s dead, take off past the missile
that`s about to launch, head to the right, and enter the blackened doorway that
is the turret room. As you get inside, you`ll automatically be in control of
the gun. Aim at the missile, and as soon as you see it, fire. Three shots
will blow the missile up, preventing it from ever reaching London, while also
saving Moscow. You have now completed James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.
Dare you go through the missions again to earn the platinum medals?

Platinum Objective - Finish mission within five minutes

Five minutes? The game`s kidding, right?


| [7.33] Rewards |

When you complete the final mission, you are rewarded with the smallest ending
cinema I`ve ever seen in a video game, one that lasts a whole of... five crappy
seconds! After the credits roll, you get a video that`s roughly three minutes
long. It`s an interview with the major cast members; Pierce Brosnan, Mya, John
Cleese, Heidi Klum and Shannon Elizabeth, discussing the game and what they
think about it and how cool it is. You also unlock two game modes; MI6 Combat
Simulator, which takes you through several rounds of increasingly tougher
enemies. The higher the round, the more there are, and the better weapons they
get (they start off with pistols and crowbars and eventually get automatic
rifles, rocket launchers and sniper rifles). The other game mode is the MI6
Survival Test gives you one bar of health, and you can`t refill it. You go up
against a non-stop barrage of enemies, seeing how many you can take down before
they kill you.


| [8] Bond Moments |

Ground Force (2)
1. Rappel up wall with rocket launcher soldier.
2. Shoot soldier rappeling down gate after destroying jet.

A Long Way Down (5)
1. Retrieve Dragunov rifle from top of building by rappeling.
2. Use steam vent in tunnel to stun soldiers.
3. Knock over table for cover from soldiers in first burning area.
4. Use steam vent near flame switch to stun soldiers.
5. Shoot ceiling panels to cause it collapse on an enemy.

Train Chase (3)
1. Shoot helicopter before jumping chasm.
2. Jump over pillar in the temple area, with a good landing.
3. Jump from ramp on desert floor to train tracks.

An Old Friend (4)
1. In first car, kill all soldiers silently without being detected.
2. In second car, kill all soldiers silently without being detected.
3. In third car, kill all soldiers silently without being detected.
4. In fourth car, kill all soldiers silently without being detected.

Sand Storm (3)
1. Destroy all boats; three total.
2. Blow up the trucks on the wooden bridge, causing it to collapse.
3. Get through temple room without being burned by fire jets.

Serena St. Germaine (2)
1. Destroy fireworks factory.
2. Take hidden path en route to fortress.

Vertigo (4)
1. Silently kill the four guards.
2. Retrieve the rocket launcher (AT-420) from the dark mine.
3. Use Spider to open server door.
4. Destroy radar tower by shooting explosive barrels.

Ruined Tower (4)
1. Kill the first two guards in the warehouse silently.
2. Kill the second two guards just outside the warehouse silently.
3. Rappel up the first wall to get the Dragunov sniper rifle.
4. Use Spider along the small opening in the right hand side of the wall.

Death of an Agent (6)
1. Use Q-Spider at beginning to kill three soldiers.
2. Retrieve AT-420.
3. Destroy propane tank along tracks after exiting catacombs.
4. Destroy propane tank to kill guards outside catacombs.
5. Blow up TNT as you are falling.
6. Squeeze between rock and platform as you are falling.

A Show of Force (5)
1. Destroy jeep at very beginning.
2. Blow up red barrels in town.
3. Blow up gas station.
4. Take shortcut (in motorcycle).
5. Use ramp to get to airfield (in motorcycle).

Mardi Gras Mayhem (4)
1. Take shortcut across neon skeleton.
2. Drive Vanquish into transport truck.
3. Drive through concrete pipe while chasing limo.
4. Disable limo with acid slick.

The Kiss Kiss Club (3)
1. Give woman massage.
2. Drop track lighting on enemies in the bar.
3. Kill soldiers on balcony from below.

Death`s Door (6)
1. Use Q-Spider to get armor.
2. Shoot guard before he unlocks gate.
3. Kill first sniper with fists.
4. Shoot security switch with Dragunov.
5. Use explosives or steam to damage Jean Le Rouge.
6. Use explosives or steam to damage Jean Le Rouge a second time.

Battle in the Big Easy (3)
1. Use smoke screen on first car you see.
2. Destroy facility with RC car.
3. Speed to Mya`s apartment.

Faded Splendor (3)
1. Take out two guards and sniper without being detected.
2. Use chandelier to kill guards in main hall lobby.
3. Find secret room with Q-Spider.

The Machinery of Evil (3)
1. Shoot steam vent to stun guards underneath main floor.
2. Retrieve the rocket launcher by destroying red beams.
3. Use Q-Spider to open door leading to last chamber.

The Pontchartrain Bridge (4)
1. Jump over first gate.
2. Shoot the house at beginning of mission.
3. Take construction ramp located on left side of highway.
4. Power slide underneath the trailer.

A Simple Exchange (3)
1. Disable lasers without being detected.
2. Find secret passage hidden behind booze cabinet.
3. Destroy four security cameras with EMP grenades.

Red Line (2)
1. Jump both ramps by the trees at the beginning of the track.
2. When road splits at end of track, take the right path.

Ambushed (3)
1. Destroy the fuse box by shooting it.
2. Throw enemy over balcony.
3. With the keycard you got from the previous level (A Simple Exchange),
unlock the door on the first floor at the far end to get an AT-420.

The High Road (3)
1. When in the village, use the ramp near the fireworks factory to jump the
blockade, landing squarely.
2. When on the motorcycle, use the ramp near the enemy trucks to jump them.
3. Power slide underneath the water gate.

Diavolo`s Plan (3)
1. Use propane tanks to kill the men opposite you.
2. In control center, use the Spider to get armor underneath the stairs.
3. Use a Q-Spider to blow up the lasers, granting you access.

The Platinum War (2)
1. Use a Nano Shell to destroy archway above tank.
2. Left of the archway, destroy parked truck with plasma gun.

Dangerous Descent (3)
1. Use Spider on the path to the vault to kill the single guard.
2. Use Spider to sneak under window and disable the laser system.
3. In maintenance hall, use Spider to kill the three guards.

Red Underground (6)
1. On first catwalk, get sniper rifle.
2. Kill the guard who is standing under the flag.
3. Place a network tap on the tank.
4. Destroy the tank control switch in the tank bay, causing the tank to fall
and kill the soldiers.
5. In control center, kill an enemy using the platinum spray.
6. At the end of the mission, use Strobe Grenades to stun the last two
soldiers, then run by them.

The Final Card (4)
1. Destroy one turret with the one you control.
2. When you`re using the turret, kill both groups of enemies.
3. En route to the fourth silo, use the Spider to go through the vents,
taking out the guards behind the door.
4. Throw an EMP grenade at a guard wearing a Nanosuit.

Everything or Nothing (3)
1. Use the Spider to open the vault leading to the weapons cache.
2. Immediately after 1, enter the vault when you`re controlling Bond.
3. Use Bond Sense on the hanging container to shoot it, killing the soldiers


| [9] Multiplayer |

Everything or Nothing has an excellent multiplayer mode, but no Xbox Live
support. There are four game modes to choose from.

Two players go through a multiplayer specific campaign, trying to complete
various missions. Identical to the single player campaign, except the
missions are completely different, and you earn rewards based on your
performance. Two players have to work together. For example, some doors
may require two switches to be pushed at once.

Similar to cooperative, you must work together to complete missions, except
you`re also working to beat the clock and score a best time.

Similar to cooperative, you must work together to complete missions, but you
can set individual options, including a time limit. You`re working to get a
best score.

Arena is your standard deathmatch for up to four players. You will need to
unlock players and levels by playing the other multiplayer modes first.


| [10] Unlockables |

To unlock rewards, you must complete each mission and receive a Gold medal.
You must then go back and complete each mission again, this time with a bonus
objective to obtain the Platinum medal. When going for the Platinum, you don`t
have to worry about mission time or Bond Moments, as you already have the Gold.

=== Gold Medal Awards ===

1 Gold Medal - Production Stills 1
2 Gold Medals - Production Stills 2
3 Gold Medals - Production Stills 3
4 Gold Medals - Production Stills 4
5 Gold Medals - Production Stills 5
6 Gold Medals - Helicopter Weapon Upgrade
7 Gold Medals - Production Stills 6
8 Gold Medals - Serena St. Germaine
9 Gold Medals - Production Stills 7
10 Gold Medals - Tank Weapon Upgrade
11 Gold Medals - Underworld
12 Gold Medals - Porsche Cayenne Weapon Upgrade
13 Gold Medals - Production Stills 8
14 Gold Medals - Mya
15 Gold Medals - Aston Martin Vanquish Weapon Upgrade
16 Gold Medals - Production Stills 9
17 Gold Medals - Ms. Nagai
18 Gold Medals - Production Stills 10
19 Gold Medals - Production Stills 11
20 Gold Medals - Katya
21 Gold Medals - Triumph Weapon Upgrade
22 Gold Medals - Production Stills 12
23 Gold Medals - Production Stills 13
24 Gold Medals - Nanotank Weapon Upgrade
25 Gold Medals - Production Stills 14
26 Gold Medals - Gallery

=== Platinum Medal Awards ===

Each Platinum medal unlocks a cheat code of some sort. Every cheat code can be
entered by pausing the game and inputting the correct sequence.

1 Platinum Medal - Golden Gun (B, Y, A, B, Y)
3 Platinum Medals - Improved Traction (B, A, A, X, Y)
5 Platinum Medals - Improved Battery (B, X, X, A, B)
7 Platinum Medals - Double Ammunition (B, B, A, B, Y)
9 Platinum Medals - Double Damage (B, Y, Y, X, B)
11 Platinum Medals - Full Ammunition (B, B, Y, X, X)
13 Platinum Medals - Cloak (B, Y, A, Y, X)
15 Platinum Medals - Full Battery (B, Y, Y, A, B)
17 Platinum Medals - All Weapons (B, Y, A, A, B)
19 Platinum Medals - Unlimited Battery (B, X, B, X, Y)
23 Platinum Medals - Slow Motion Driving
25 Platinum Medals - Unlimited Ammunition
27 Platinum Medals - Platinum Gun


If you complete all the single player missions, you will unlock MI6 Combat
Simulator and MI6 Survival Test.


A lot of the levels will unlock a gadget upon completion, and you can view and
listen to that gadget`s description through the Unlockables menu.

Ground Zero - Frag Grenade
Rappel Gun

Sand Storm - Q-Cloak
RC Car
Sleeper Dart
Strobe Grenade

A Show of Force - Q-Spider Explosive

The Pontchartrain Bridge - EMP Grenade

Diavolo`s Plan - Network Tap
Q-Spider Dart
Q-Spider Nano


You can unlock multiplayer characters and arenas by earning a specific number
of points.

=== Characters ===

50 points - Baron Samedi
70 points - Odd Job
90 points - Egypt Commander
110 points - Hazmat Guard
130 points - Mya
180 points - Egypt Guard
210 points - South Commander
230 points - Moscow Guard
260 points - Le Rouge
290 points - 003
320 points - Katya
350 points - Serena St. Germaine
400 points - Diavolo
430 points - Serena St. Germaine, Alternate
450 points - Ms. Nagai

=== Arenas ===

30 points - Cistern
160 points - Test Labs
370 points - Burn Chamber


| [11] Questions & Answers |

Have a question? Ask! Check the contact section.

Q: What are multiplayer "points" and how do you earn them?
A: You have to play through the multiplayer mode to earn the points. The best
way to do this is to play two player cooperative and completing objectives
as fast as you can, while fulfilling some secondary objectives (like not
dying at all).

Q: Are there any secret missions?
A: No. No secrets at all.

Q: Why is Richard Kiel credited as Jaws when he never speaks?
A: Apparently, Richard Kiel is credited as Jaws because Electronic Arts used
his actual face as a model for Jaws, just like they did for the other
characters (Pierce Brosnan, John Cleese, etc.). Because they are using his
likeness (Richard Kiel played Jaws in the films), they have to give him
(information submitted by JamesM)

Q: Are the Bond Moments as obvious as Agent Under Fire and Nightfire?
A: No. Most of the time, you`ll have to find the Bond Moments on your own.
There aren`t many metal points that scream out "hook to me!" like in the
last two games.


| [A] Contact Information |

To contact me, send an e-mail to the following address:

jpaterson000 [at] msn [dot] com

Replace [at] with @ and [dot] with the period.

Please do not add me to your MSN Messenger list. All friend requests will be

When e-mailing me, include the name of the game, or an abbreviation of the game
in the subject. Most other e-mails will probably end up not being read, and
immediately deleted. Thank you.

If your e-mail contains any of the following, I will not respond to it:

- Help for something that`s already covered in this FAQ; please look over it
before e-mailing me
- Help for something that has nothing to do with this game; do not ask me how
to kill the final monster of a game if you`re reading my MVP Baseball FAQ
- Serial numbers, CD keys, registration codes, or where to find a pirated

If you need help with a technical problem, such as your game not loading or
you`re encountering errors, contact the developer and/or publisher of the game.
I cannot help with technical problems.


| [B] Webmaster Information |

Attention webmasters: You are allowed to host this document and display it
without asking for prior permission. All you have to do is the following:

- Do not charge people to see it or otherwise make a profit from it.
- Do not alter it.
- Give proper credit to the author.
- You may not sell, rent or lease the document.

If you want to use one of my guides _IN_ a guide of yours, like an item guide
of mine in a general guide you`re writing, feel free to do so, as long as you
still follow the above. All I ask in addition to that is that you let me know
when your guide is online so I can check it out.


| [C] Where This FAQ May be Found |

JPatWorld http://www.jpatworld.com/
GameFAQs http://www.gamefaqs.com/
Cheat Happens http://www.cheathappens.com/

All other websites have permission to use this document, but they may be out of
date or incorrect versions. The latest, newest versions can always be found at
the above websites.


| [D] Other FAQs Written |

This section may not always be up-to-date, as I`m not going to update every
single one of my FAQs after making a new one.


Clock Tower 3 || File List
Deus Ex: Invisible War || Walkthrough/FAQ
ESPN NFL 2K5 || Milestones/Crib Unlockables
ESPN NFL 2K5 || Strategy Guide/FAQ
ESPN NHL 2K5 || Challenges & Unlockables
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic || Item List
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The Sims: House Party || Strategy Guide/FAQ
Tony Hawk`s Pro Skater 2X || Song Guide
Tropico || Walkthrough/FAQ
Unreal Tournament || Walkthrough/FAQ
WWE RAW 2 || Move List/FAQ

Total FAQs: 27

I have also written several strategy guides, in HTML format with screenshots,
for the website Cheat Happens (www.cheathappens.com).

Hitman: Contracts
Spider-Man 2
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Unreal Tournament 2004

Total Guides: 4


| [E] James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Copyright Information |

Everything or Nothing interactive game (all source code, all other software
components and certain audiovisual components only) copyright 2004 Electronic
Arts Inc. Electronic Arts, EA Games and the EA GAMES logo are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other


This document is copyright by US and Canadian copyright laws. This FAQ is for
personal use only. This FAQ may not be altered or used for commercial use.
Websites may use this document without permission, but they must give proper
credit to the author and musn`t alter it any way, shape or form. All websites,
excluding GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), are prohibited from renting, selling or
leasing this document, whether it`s for personal or commercial gain.

Thank you.


End of James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing FAQ/Walkthrough.

Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

The author of this FAQ is in no way affiliated with Electronic Arts, MGM
Interactive, MGM Film Company, or any member of the James Bond 007: Everything
or Nothing development team.
Andreas Höhne
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